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Setting Up Customer Information at Checkout


Enhance your customers’ checkout journey and seize marketing opportunities with SHOPLINE’s customer information settings. Offer flexible login options and customize contact fields to promote marketing and store subscriptions during checkout. This ensures seamless order processing, increases satisfaction, and encourages repeat business. Follow this guide to configure your customer information settings and begin reaping the benefits today!

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Customer Account Information: Login Options

Configure Customer account information to set the login options for your customers before they finalize their purchases. Follow these simple steps to set up this feature:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Settings > Checkout Settings.

  2. Locate the Customer account information section and select from three login options:
    • Both visitors and members can purchase: Allows both members and visitors to make purchases. Customers can log in or register on the member page.
    • Only visitors can purchase: Permits visitors to make purchases without requiring them to log in.
    • Only member can purchase: Restricts purchases to logged-in members only.



Customer’s Contact Information: Customization Choices

The Customer’s contact information section in the checkout settings enables you to customize the contact options presented to customers. For example, you can choose whether to display options for customers to subscribe to store marketing emails and whether to collect customers’ mobile numbers for self-pickup and local delivery services. Follow these steps to configure:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Settings > Checkout Settings.

  2. Locate the Customer's contact information section, where you’ll see settings for different scenarios: 
    • Checkout contact information: Decide whether customers should provide an email address or have the option to provide either a mobile phone number or an email address as the contact info at checkout.

Backend Setting

Frontend Display

Note: If customers choose to provide their phone numbers at checkout, you won’t be able to send abandoned checkout recovery emails to them. 


    • Subscription information: Configure subscription settings for customers at checkout. Two options are available:
      • Subscribe customers for marketing comms by default: If enabled, the Receive exclusive offers and order updates option under the contact info is checked by default. Customers can uncheck it if they don't want to receive promotional information.
Note: If customers provide emails as their contact info, they’ll receive email marketing. If they provide mobile numbers, they’ll receive SMS marketing.


      • Customers must opt in for marketing comms: If enabled, the Text me with news and offers option will appear unchecked under the shipping or pickup information. Customers can choose to check it and provide their phone numbers to receive promotional texts.
Notes: If customers provide phone numbers as the contact info at checkout, the option will be hidden automatically, even if this feature is enabled.


    • Self pickup and domestic delivery: Decide whether to require customers to provide mobile phone numbers for self-pickup and domestic delivery services. If enabled, it's a mandatory field; if not, it's optional.

Backend Setting

Frontend Display


  • If customers provide phone numbers as the contact info at checkout, the field will be hidden automatically, even if this feature is enabled.
  • If mobile numbers are mandatory, express checkout via Apple Pay and Google Pay will be unavailable.


    • Accept subscription information after checkout: Enable this option to allow customers to subscribe to marketing information using their mobile number or email after completing the order.

Backend Setting

Frontend Display

    • Select notification type for customer to receive shipping updates: Enable this option for customers to download the Tracker App post-checkout for shipping updates. Relevant order details will be transferred to facilitate order tracking services.

Backend Setting

Frontend Display

  1. After configuring, click Update to save the settings.

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