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Mastering Multi-Store Management


SHOPLINE enables you to easily view and manage multiple stores through its Stores page. You can also quickly switch between stores from any store's admin panel. This guide covers topics related to cross-store operation and management, helping you focus on growing your online business with ease.


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Managing Multiple Stores in Stores Page

Upon logging into your SHOPLINE account, you will enter the Stores page, where you can view and manage all your SHOPLINE stores. The Stores page categorizes your stores into two types: Activated stores and Stores to be activated. Click on each tab to view the detailed store list.


Activated Stores

All the activated stores will be listed in this category. Easily manage all your activated stores with our comprehensive dashboard.

  • View all accessible stores: Get a bird’s-eye view of all stores you can access, including your own and those you have permission to manage.
  • Gain detailed insights: Quickly access key information for each store, such as its current status, plan, merchant account, your role, and core performance data for the past 30 days.
  • Find stores in a flash: Utilize the search and filter functions to locate the specific store you need in seconds. Click Go to admin to seamlessly jump into managing that store.
  • Pin your favorites: Access your frequently used stores with ease. Simply click the Pin icon next to their names to keep them at the top of the list for faster navigation.


Stores to be Activated

All the stores created but not yet activated are listed in this category. Newly-created stores will be given a preparation period for you to get them ready before the official launch. For detailed information, refer to the Introduction to Store Preparation Period guide.



Switching Stores within the Store Admin Panel

If you're already in a specific store and want to switch to another one, simply click on your store’s name in the upper right corner and select the desired store. Use the search bar to find a store quickly if you’re managing many stores simultaneously and cannot find the one at a glance.



Duplicating Stores 

Struggling with repetitive store setups? Simplify multi-store management with SHOPLINE's store duplication feature! 

This functionality empowers you to replicate essential data, including products, theme design, tax rates, and shipping fees from one existing store to another. This eliminates the need for repetitive setup tasks, saving you valuable time and effort when launching new stores. 

For more information, consult the Duplicating Your SHOPLINE Stores guide. 


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