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Switiching between SHOPLINE stores

You can open multiple SHOPLINE stores at the same time and quickly switch to different stores to conveniently manage them all in your admin panel.


How to manage multiple Stores?

Method 1: In the SHOPLINE admin panel, click on the store name in the top right corner to expand the drop-down menu, and choose other stores to enter the store's admin panel.mceclip1.png


Method 2: For email/accounts that have access to 2 or more stores, please log in with the account and you would be able to choose the store.mceclip2.png


How to Open and set up a store?

1. Create a new shop

  • When you register an account on SHOPLINE, you can create up to 3 trial stores for free after logging in.
  • Click "Create a new shop" button to enter the store settings page and fill in the store information.mceclip3.png

Basic Settings


  • Your store's location: Click the drop-down menu to select the country and region where you operate your business.
    This option cannot be changed in the future.
  • The currency you used for transactions with customers: Click the drop-down menu to select the currency type that users in your store will pay for when purchasing products.
    Store currency cannot be changed once an order is placed. Please choose the currency according to the market you mainly operate in!

  • Your store's name: Fill in your store name.
    Only numbers, letters, and dashes are supported. Modifications are not allowed after the store is created.

2. How to update the shop manager's email address

Step 1. Go to [Settings] > [Administrator and Permissions]. Click "Add Administrator".mceclip5.png


Step 2. Click [Shop manager's email address] > Enter the email address you would like to set as shop manager's email > [Modify].    mceclip8.png


3. How to add store administrator and permissions

Only the main account that created the store, store manager account, or administrators with full authority has the right to add or remove the administrator accounts. Each store can set up to 5 administrators.


Step 1. Go to [Settings] > [Administrator and Permissions]. Click "Add Administrator".mceclip5.png

Step 2: Enter the name and email address of the new administrator. mceclip6.pngStep 3: Assign the permissions to the administrator. mceclip7.pngAfter the setup is complete, the administrator account will be in inactive status. Please guide the administrator to activate their account before logging in, the activation method is the same as the way to activate the store manager account.

You can modify the administrator account status and permissions to meet the actual needs of your store operations at any time.


Set up 2-step verification: Once this function is enabled, all administrators (including the shop manager) must log in with a password + email verification code.


4. Store Settings

On the "Manage Store" page > Click the store you would like to manage. Go to [Settings] > [Basic Settings], you would be able to edit store information heremceclip12.png


5. Store Sorting

On the "Manage Stores" page, you may click the "Switch View" button on the top right corner to change the display.mceclip13.png








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