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Offering Discount Codes at Checkout


Strategically offering discount codes can significantly enhance your promotional efforts and boost customer satisfaction. This guide provides instructions on key settings in SHOPLINE to configure maximum code limits and display pages for a seamless checkout experience.

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Configuring Code Limits and Display Location

Follow these steps to configure your maximum discount code limit and the location of the code input field on your store:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Settings > Checkout Settings.

  2. Locate the Offer codes at checkout section.

  3. Set the maximum number of discount codes customers can use per order, up to a limit of 5.

  4. Choose to display the discount code input field on either the checkout page only, or both the checkout page and shopping cart.

  5. Click Update to save your settings.



Customer View: Discount Code Entry Display  

Shopping Cart Page

This screenshot shows the discount code field integrated within the shopping cart summary. Customers can enter their codes here before proceeding to checkout.

Checkout Page

This screenshot highlights the location of the discount code entry during the checkout process. This enables customers to apply discounts before finalizing their orders.


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