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Anti-crawler Settings

Web page crawlers are used to access and read data of the pages, you may block the crawlers to capture data for certain pages with 'Anti-crawler Settings'.


In SHOPLINE Admin panel > "Online Store" > "Preference" > "Anti-crawler settings" > "Add an anti-crawler page" > Enter the page path > "Add".




  • Page Path here are referring to the content followed by the domain name in the page URL.
    For example, the page URL is [https: //admin.], the domain name would be [],and the path is [apps].


  • If you happen to update the SEO for the pages you've set in 'Anti-crawler settings', please do remember to also update the details in 'Anti-crawler settings'.

  • Please be noted that by anti-crawler a page, Search engines such as Google would not be able to capture and update the info in search results. Hence we advise you to only proceed with the settings only if is needed.