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Setting for Delivery Methods

This setting is available for shipping from Chinese mainland to Taiwan and other southeast Asian countries. If your target market doesn’t belong to these countries/regions, the option of "Shipping settings" will not be displayed.


Step 1. Go to settings

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Shipping and delivery].


Step 2. Add a delivery method

Once you are in the Shipping and delivery page, click Add delivery methods

i. Add the origin and shipping destination

Enter the origin and delivery area(s).


After entering the shipping address, click Next step to enter the shipping destination.


ii. Add custom shipping or logistics platform

  • Add custom shipping

If you have integrated with a third-party logistics company, you can add custom shipping to your store:



  • Logistics Platform 

SHOPLINE provides a range of logistics service providers based on your shipping and receiving address. To enable this feature, please contact the Online Merchant Success Team. 



iii. Set the delivery region and shipping fee

  • Name of the delivery plan: Set a title name for the shipping fee so that merchants can manage and identify it easily, the name will not be displayed to customers.
  • Delivery region: Merchants can edit sub-regions for the address, i.e.: deliver the product only to Taipei city of Taiwan.


  • Set the shipping fee: SHOPLINE currently supports 12 types of set calculation methods.

Example 1: Set the delivery fee plan to 0. 

Example 2: Set 0-10kg delivery fee as USD10, and 10-20kg as USD0 delivery fee. 

There are more regions and fee calculation methods for your to pair. Once setup is complete, remember to click one of the "Create" buttons located at the top or bottom of the page. 


iv. Set the shipping fee name and its description

Shipping fee name: Customers will see this name on your store's website.

For example, you can set it as a free-shipping option by naming it "Free shipping".

Plan description: Add an additional description for the delivery method. This is an optional field.



v. Manage the list

Click Hide to hide or show the shipping type. Customers can't see the delivery method once it is hidden. To show the shipping type, click Show.