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Connecting with My SMS

Introduction to SMS Service

Shopline provides basic SMS tools for merchants. Under certain conditions, the corresponding SMS content can be sent to customers.

(ps: SMS tariff will have to be borne by the merchant)

Path: Shopline Admin> Apps> App store> My SMS 




Status notification

After sending the short message, you can check the sending status (successful, failed).


Messaging records

It provides the record of distributed messages within a specific period , the total amount of a certain message template sent within a specific period, or the detail information for the record of message sending failures.


Description of application scenarios

Verification code distribution

It is applied for the distributed digital (or combination of numbers and letters) verification code to user’s mobile phone for the sign-up process, the security notification service for signing in the account, and the security verification for resetting the forgotten password.


Push for the system notification

It is mainly applied for distributing multiple notification messages including store’s news, order confirmation, logistics status, payment confirmation and payment notification to the registered user.


Promotion for marketing campaign

It is mainly applied for distributing operational or marketing messages including event invitation, new product, product promotion, discount information and the rebate to registered user.


SMS Billing Overview

Valid Billing Confirmation

When submitting the message to the service provider, the provider will conduct a basic validity check (incorrect number, landline, etc.) for the number which send out the message, after removing those invalid numbers, the provider will submit the message to the carrier, at that time the message would be charged.


SMS Content Length Calculation Rules

The length of the short message = the number of characters in the signature + the number of words in the text of the text message. The length of the short message sent at a time is limited to 500 words.


Notes: International/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan SMS can choose to carry a signature or not. In some countries with strict restrictions, the signature will be provided as a random signature, please note.


Pure English text messages

When the length of the short message does not exceed 160 characters, it will be charged as one short message.

If it exceeds 160 characters, it is a long text message, which will be divided into multiple pieces of 153 words/piece for billing.

For example, if the length of the short message is 320 characters, it will be charged according to 153 characters/153 characters/14 characters, separated into 3 messages.

(* GSM standard characters are counted as 1 word, GSM extended characters are counted as 2 words.)


Non-English text messages

When the length of the short message does not exceed 70 characters, it will be charged as one short message.

If it exceeds 70 characters, it is a long text message, which is divided into multiple pieces of 67 words/piece and billed.

For example, if the length of the short message is 150 characters, it will be charged according to 67 characters/67 characters/16 characters separated into 3 messages.


Billing method

International SMS is billed according to the length of the SMS, and it supports prepayment of the SMS package.

Prepayment of the SMS package: Support global universal package and regional package (coming soon)

The amount of text messages sent after the purchase of the package will be deducted from the package quota according to the actual consumption, and the exclusive package of the corresponding region will be preferentially deducted before the global universal package.


SMS package

The SMS package will be valid for 12 months from the purchase date. When sending out messages, the package quota will be used according to actual consumption, regional package quota will be used first then the global package quota.

  • Global SMS package are available for sending messages to 212 countries/regions in the world.
  • Regional SMS package is only available for sending messages to the corresponding region.
    For example, if you buy the regional package for Thailand, the package quota only supports to deduct the message consumption sent from the number with the home address as Thailand.



SHOPLINE provides you the detailed billing for International/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan SMS messages of the last month.

You can check the store’s transaction detail in My SMS or the Bill section in the Settings.



Balance notification

When the available package balance is less than a certain number, the system will send you a warning notice.

If the remaining quota in the SMS package is less than the number of messages you are sending, there will be a sending failure, you need to buy enough packages to keep using.


Currently we will remind you at several nodes:

When the remaining amount of SMS is in a specific range:

  • Insufficient quota reminder
    • (50, 100)
    • (10, 50)
    • (0, 10)
    • =0
  • Arrears reminder
    • Failed to send >=100 due to insufficient quota
    • Failed to send >=200 due to insufficient quota

When the sending fails due to insufficient quota and exceeds 200,

We will automatically turn off all notification scenarios in the app for you; and no more text messages will be sent (and there will be no record of sending failures).

After you need to recharge, click the switch by yourself. At this time, the SMS will return to normal.

Applicable area

My SMS service supports sending to 212 countries and regions around the world. If you would like to check the specific countries and regions supported by the SMS service, please check from Applicable Region for My SMS Service.


1. Customers should keep their account names and passwords properly, and send text messages in strict compliance with relevant national laws and regulations. Customers should take effective measures to prevent hacker attacks, password theft, illegal page calls and other illegal acts that endanger the security of communication business information. Customers should properly keep the interface, account and password of the service and ensure the security of their own terminal and network. All behaviors using the account and password are regarded as the behavior of the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer.

2. The customer shall not sell the services, interfaces, data, etc. of this agreement in whole or in part or conduct any interest exchange behavior, nor shall it lend, sublease or sublicense to any third party other than the customer's affiliated company, but the customer shall Affiliates are jointly and severally liable to Shopline for their use.

3. The customer shall be responsible for the authenticity, accuracy and legality of the information sent to the user. If the customer's information is wrong, delayed or otherwise caused to the user by the customer, it shall be resolved through consultation between the customer and the user, and Shopline does not assume any responsibility. The customer guarantees to intercept and filter sensitive content in the information that violates relevant national policies, regulations and laws. All consequences caused by illegal content shall be borne by the customer.

4. The customer guarantees the legitimacy of the information it sends. In the course of business development, if the customer sends to the user information that violates various laws and regulations of the country where the user is located, public moral standards and harms the interests of third parties (including but not limited to sending spam text messages, advertising and marketing text messages that do not comply with the laws and regulations of the country where the user is located) etc.), Shopline has the right to directly take measures including suspending/closing the service, or require the customer to take effective corrective measures immediately, and hold the customer responsible for the breach of contract. However, the above terms do not consider Shopline to have an obligation to review the above-mentioned customer information, and the customer shall be responsible for the information it sends. Take responsibility.

5. Customers should ensure that their collection, storage, use and disclosure of end-user information comply with applicable laws. Customer shall at all times comply with its obligations and make available Customer Service and Customer Content in compliance with the law and in such a way that it does not cause Shopline to violate applicable laws.

6. The service is provided on an "as is" and "existing" basis, and Shopline does not make any express or implied warranties related to the service. No oral or written advice, information or expectation obtained by the customer or its end-user through the use of the service shall create any warranty not expressly made in this agreement. Shopline does not warrant that the service will meet customer requirements, nor does it make any warranties that the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or free from errors. Shopline does not guarantee the results obtainable by using the Services. Shopline does not warrant that the average quality and value of goods and services purchased will be the same as similar goods sold under similar circumstances. Shopline does not warrant that the goods and services are free from any legitimate claims of infringement.

7. Shopline shall not in any way, based on any cause (whether in contract, tort or otherwise), be responsible for any profit, gain, expected profit or business loss, or any indirect, incidental, incidental, incidental, special, punitive, or exemplary damages are liable. These limitations of liability will still apply if Shopline has been advised of the possibility of such damages, or if such damages were reasonably foreseeable. However, these limitations do not apply to any loss resulting from fraud, dishonesty, gross negligence, willful misconduct, or breach of confidentiality by either party.

8. If the services provided by Shopline are interrupted by communication or system failures caused by force majeure such as typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, power outages, wars, hacking, etc., or due to line obstacles or blockages of Shopline’s service providers Shopline is not responsible for damages caused by errors, delays, interruptions or non-delivery.

9. Unless specified to the contrary, the total liability of Shopline to the customer in any case shall not exceed the total amount of fees paid by the customer to Shopline within the last three (3) months.


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