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Resolving and Linking Your Custom Domain on NameSilo

Your domain is the URL through which your customers find your online store. You can purchase a domain that aligns your brand from NameSilo, and then resolve the domain and link it to the SHOPLINE admin panel, building customer trust in your store.


In This Article

  • Resolving Your Domain
  • Linking Your Domain



Resolving Your Domain

After purchasing a domain from NameSilo, you need to perform the following steps to resolve the domain in the NameSilo dashboard:

  1. Log in and go to the Domain Manager panel.
  2. Find your domain in the list and click the blue button (manage DNS for this domain) to resolve the domain.
  3. Edit the A type record: Leave HOSTNAME blank, enter the record value provided by SHOPLINE ( in IPV4 ADDRESS, and click SUBMIT.

  4. Delete the default A type record in NameSilo with HOSTNAME "www".
  5. Add a CNAME record: Enter "www" in HOSTNAME. Enter the record value provided by SHOPLINE (vip.myshopline.shop) in TARGET HOSTNAME, and click SUBMIT. Adjust TTL to shorten the resolution time (e.g., 3600).



Linking Your Domain

Once the domain is resolved, you can return to the SHOPLINE admin panel and perform the following steps to link the domain:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Settings > Domain Name > Manage domain.
  2. Click Add a domain, enter your third-party domain, and click Next.
  3. The system automatically verifies the resolution records. Once verified, it means you have successfully linked the domain.


If the linking is unsuccessful, perform the following troubleshooting:

  • Check whether the domain service provider section involves multiple records. If yes, remove irrelevant records.
  • Ensure that the record values match those provided by SHOPLINE.
  • Wait for DNS resolution to take effect, which may take a few hours. During this time, you can click Add to list to temporarily add the domain to the domain list and try linking again later.


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