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Verifying the Google Search Console

This document describes how to verify the Google Search Console.


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  • Verifying the Google Search Console



Verifying the Google Search Console

  1. Enter the Google Search Console: Please enter the Google Search Console, and click Start now to verify your domains.


  2. Select Property Type: Please select the URL prefix in the right pane, and after entering, click CONTINUE. Enter your store's unique URL in the URL field, for example:
  • If your store's URL is www.abc.com, enter https://www.abc.com.
  • If your store's URL is shop.def.com, enter https://shop.def.com.

  1. Choose a verification method: Please select HTML tag in Other verification methods.


  2. Copy the meta tag: In the displayed area, click Copy.


  3. Paste the meta tag to your store: From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Google > Domain verification > Verify your domain By Google tools > Add Meta tag, paste the copied meta tag into the field, and click Save.‎


  4. Check the store status: After pasting the meta tag to the Google Search Console, please check the current Store status. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Settings > Basic settings > Store status. The Store status must be set to Open to complete the verification. If your store status is Closed, you can change it to Open from the drop-down menu and click Update in the lower right corner.


  5. Complete verification: Please return to the Google Search Console and click VERIFY. If the following is displayed, it means your website has been successfully verified.
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