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Dealing with 404 Errors


When your customers’ browsers request a page of your website with the URL, but the website’s server fails to find that page, a 404 error is returned to the customer’s browsers. Many reasons lead to a 404 error, including the webpage doesn’t exist anymore, or the URL of the page is broken. When a 404 error occurs, customers are not able to access the content of the page.

To ensure that customers can enter your website to browse and shop as expected, you can configure an automatic redirect of the 404 error web pages to your store’s homepage.


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Configuring the Redirect of 404 Error Webpages

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Settings > Domain Name.
  2. In the 404 page not found section, select from the redirection options, and the system automatically saves your selection.
  • Stay on the 404 not found page: If the webpage link fails, the customers stay on the error page upon entering.
  • Auto-redirect URL to homepage: If the webpage link fails, the customers are automatically redirected to your store’s homepage upon entering.
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