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Resolving and Linking Your Custom Domain on Tencent Cloud


Your domain is the URL through which your customers find your online store. You can purchase an unregistered domain name on Tencent Cloud that aligns with your brand and link it to your SHOPLINE admin panel, so as to bolster customer trust in your store.


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Resolving Your Domain

Once you have purchased a domain name from Tencent Cloud, you need to resolve it in your Tencent Cloud admin panel. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Tencent Cloud account and open 控制台 (Console).
    1-1 tencent console.png

  2. Click 域名注册 (Domain registration) to access the domain name list.
    1-2 domain register.png

  3. Select the domain name to be resolved and click 解析 (Resolve).
    1-3 resolve.png

  4. Add the following two records in the resolution page and save to complete the domain name resolution.
      Type Name Value TTL (recommended)
    Record 1 CNAME www vip.myshopline.shop 10 minutes
    Record 2 A @ 10 minutes

    Note: The reason why you need to create two records is that we want to make sure customers can go to your store through both the URLs with and without the “www” prefix. For example, if you have the domain name of “greenlife,” then the CNAME record allows customers to access your store with ”www.greenlife.com,” while the A record allows them to access your store with “greenlife.com.”

    1-4 records.png



Linking Your Domain

After resolving your domain, perform the following steps to link the domain in the SHOPLINE admin panel:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Settings > Domain Name.
    2-1 domain name module.png

  2.  In the Domain section, click Manage domain.
    2-2 manage domain button.png

  3. Click the Add a domain name button.
    2-3 add adomain name button.png

  4. Enter the resolved domain in the text box and click Next.
    2-4 enter domain name.png

  5. The system will prompt you if the linkage is successful. Click Complete and you will be brought back to the Domain management page.
    2-5 success.png

  6. The first linked custom domain name automatically becomes your primary domain name. You can also click Change the primary domain name, select the newly added domain, and click Save.
    2-6 change primary domain.png


Please note the following:

  • If the resolution is unsuccessful, the linkage will fail.
    2-7 failed domain resolutin.png

  • It may take some time (up to 48 hours) for the resolution to take effect. Please be patient and try again later. 

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