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Setting up Your Basic Store Information


To start your business, setting up store information is the very first step. It’s not just about fulfilling requirements; it's a strategic move to establish a strong brand identity, build trust, and create a positive shopping experience for your customers. Setting up accurate and complete store information also helps you manage your store, especially if you run multiple stores. You can easily identify a store by the information. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, you can view and manage the following basic store information in Settings > Basic Settings: store logo, store name, store admin contact email, and customer service email.


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Store Logo

A good store logo is a powerful tool for brand identity, communication, and customer engagement. It plays a crucial role in shaping perceptions and influencing purchasing decisions. Follow the steps below to add a logo to your store:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Settings in the lower left corner.
  2. Click the  Basic Settings module.
  3. In the Basic store information > Store logo section, click the Add images box to upload your logo image. We support most of the major image formats, such as .png and. jpeg. The maximum image size is 10MB.
    The logo will be displayed in the image box if it is successfully uploaded.
  4. Click Update.

The store logo is displayed at the following locations of your SHOPLINE admin panel:

  • The store management portal (list view and tile view)
  • The dropdown menu when clicking the current store name in the top navigation bar.

To change a store logo:

  1. Hover over the current image and click the trash bin icon that appears.
  2. Confirm you want to remove the image in the dialog.
  3. Upload a new logo by the steps mentioned above.
  4. Click Update.



Store Name

Like the store logo, the store name contributes to the overall success of a business by creating a positive and lasting impression on customers. Follow the steps below to modify your store name:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Settings in the lower left corner.
  2. Click the  Basic Settings module.
  3. In the Basic store information > Store name section, click on the text box and change the store name.
  4. Click Update.



Store Admin Contact Email

SHOPLINE contacts you through the email address you set in the Store admin contact email section on matters such as access authorization and feature activation for your store, purchases made by your store, transaction fee billing, store restriction by SHOPLINE for some reasons, and official SHOPLINE events and notifications.

Note: To prevent you from missing important notifications from SHOPLINE, ensure this email can send and receive messages without issues. This email address is not displayed to customers on the storefront.





Customer Service Email

A legitimate customer service email contributes to customer satisfaction, trust, and the overall success of the business. Customer service email is the major means you communicate with your customers.


  • After customers place an order, SHOPLINE sends order status and other reminders via email. Such emails are sent from “emailshopline.com” domain by default.
  • It is recommended that you use a corporate email address that matches your domain name. Such an email address adds a level of credibility when you send email notifications to customers. For the related configurations, refer to Setting up customer service emails.
  • Public mailboxes such as QQ, 126, 163, Outlook, and Hotmail are not recommended because the mailbox providers apply certain limits to the number of inbound messages per day. When the number of orders increases, the mailbox provider may block some order notification emails or go to spam.
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