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Setting Countries / Regions / Time Zones / Product Types

You can set countries/regions where your store is located, time zones, and product types to meet your business needs.


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You need to select countries where you operate your store.

  • SHOPLINE supports optimization based on the region you select to bring you the best experience.
  • Please fill in this information accurately, which is also required when applying for SHOPLINE PAYMENTS and other products.


Modifying Countries/Regions

Here, you can view or modify countries/regions.

  • Settings > Basic Settings > Countries/Regions
    Settings_Basic Settings.pngSettings _ Basic Settings _ Countries_Regions.png


Time Zones

There are more than 200 countries in the world, corresponding to different time standards, hence the concept of time zones.

SHOPLINE currently offers 92 time zones for your choice. It is recommended to select the time zone as needed for better operation.


Use of Time Zones

In the admin panel, many time-related actions and records need to be converted according to the time zone of the store.

You may need to take note of some common information. For example,

  1. Creation, payment, refund/return time of an order
  2. Assigned launch time of a product
  3. Operation by a staff member in the admin panel
  4. Data report over a specific period


Viewing and Modifying Time Zones

Here, you can view or modify time zones applied to your store:

  • Settings > Basic Settings > Time zoneSettings_Basic Settings.pngSettings > Basic Settings > Time zone.png

Winter / Summer Time

For winter/summer time, please take note on the following aspects:

  • When you select the following time zone, it will not change with winter/summer time:
    • America/Manaus -4
    • America/Panama -5
  • The SHOPLINE supports automatic switching along with the change of winter/summer time.
  • Taking the order creation time as an example, only new orders are affected after the switching of winter/summer time. Existing orders will not be affected.


Product Types

Under Product types, fill in the category of your store’s products, so that SHOPLINE can prepare some services and recommendations for you in the relevant category.


Modifying Product Types

  • Settings > Basic Settings > Product types
    Settings_Basic Settings.pngSettings > Basic Settings > Product types.png


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