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Account Management Overview | SHOPLINE Payments

Stores using SHOPLINE Payments to collect payments can easily manage order transaction status in SHOPLINE admin panel directly.


1. Interface

SHOPLINE Payments account has a separate management interface. Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] > [Payment] > [SHOPLINE PAYMENTS] > [Manage bills] to view the details.mceclip0.png


Once you have entered the SHOPLINE Payments account, you can click on the small tabs to quickly browse through account information or export billing statements.mceclip1.png


2. Tab


In the Overview tab, you can check through the withdrawal records of specified dates/periods, and also check the account balance, exchangeable amount, reserved fund details, and the status of account verification.

  1. Account Balance

For orders paid via SHOPLINE Payments, the transaction amount will be summed up in the "Account Balance" after deducting the handling fee, refund, and dispute transaction amount.mceclip11.png

      2. Exchangeable Amount

When the order is created for 5 working days and has a tracking number, the exchangeable amount will be calculated from the account balance.

      3. Reserved funds

Reserved fund is charged proportionally for each order and transferred to your SHOPLINE Payments account after the holding period. The holding period and rate will update in real-time according to the risk level of the store.mceclip2.png



In the "Transactions" tab, you can view all the transactions made via SHOPLINE Payments. You can filter out specific transaction records by using the following data:

  1. Transaction number or customer name
  2. Specified time range
  3. Gross transaction amount
  4. Transaction statusmceclip3.png

Once you filtered the order, click the order number to enter order details page; Or click View button.




In the "Statement" tab, you can check all the incoming and outgoing records in your SHOPLINE Payments account. You can filter out specific transaction records by using the following information:

    1. Specified time range
    2. Transaction number
    3. Transaction Gross amountmceclip5.png


3. Export Billing Statement

Click Export Statement at the upper right and select Integrated Statement (Monthly) or Transaction Records in the pop-up window:mceclip8.png

Integrated Statement (Month):

It includes the monthly account balance and various transaction details (such as transaction/refund records). The statement will be generated on the 1st of the following month.mceclip9.png


Transaction Records:

It includes details of transaction records. Each download can export a record of 30 days at most.mceclip10.png


4 Account Settings

For certain countries, SHOPLINE Payments has added Domain settings within Account settings , Domain settings can be used to manage up to 15 domain names for certain payment methods.

1. Adding Domain Name 

Go to Settings > Payments > SHOPLINE Payments > Click on Accounts 



On the bottom right, click on Account settings 



Add Domain 



Enter the domain name in the format of www.xx.xx. If you need to verify the payment method for the domain, you need to check the corresponding payment method and then click submit.



After submitting, the domain management list will be returned. A blue prompt will appear on the right side of the domain, indicating that the payment method is being verified. Clicking the refresh button in the upper right corner will provide the verification result.



If the verification fails, the domain name will display a yellow prompt on the right side, indicating that the payment method verification has failed.



If the verification passes, the verified payment method will be displayed.


2、Editing and Deleting Domain Names

In the domain management list, click on "Edit" to enter the domain editing page.

If you need to update the domain or verify the domain, make the corresponding modifications and then click "Update."

If you need to delete the domain, click on "Delete Domain."




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