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Navigating The SHOPLINE Payments Account Panel


In your SHOPLINE Payments account, you have the overview of your account information and activities, and can easily view and manage transactions.


In This Article

  • Panel Overview
  • Export Billing Statements
  • Managing Domains



Panel Overview

SHOPLINE Payments account provides a dedicated panel for management. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Settings > Payments. In the SHOPLINE Payments section, click Account to access the panel.
1-1 account.png

The panel provides 4 tabs for you to quickly browse your account information or manage transactions.
1-2 tabs.png


This tab gives you a holistic view of your account, providing a summary for a specified period of time, a record of recent payouts, your account balance, and your account status.

  • Account Balance: For orders paid via SHOPLINE Payments, the transaction amount, minus any relevant processing fee, refund, and dispute amount, will be settled and deposit into the balance after the settlement terms are met.
    1-3.1 balance.png

  • Reserved funds: SHOPLINE Payments team will assess the potential risk of your business to decide whether a percentage of amount will be reserved for every order for a period of time. The holding period and rate will update in real-time according to the risk level of your store.
    1-3.2 reserve.png

  • Account Settings: This is where you manage your contact email, website domain and others. To configure and manage your domains, see the section below.
    1-3.3 set up.png


This tab lists all the transactions made via SHOPLINE Payments. You can filter out specific transaction records based on:

  • Search terms like transaction number, order number, customer name, last four digits of CC, terminal serial number
  • Time range
  • Gross transaction amount
  • Transaction status
  • Store name
  • Transaction amount range

1-4.1 trans.png


Click the transaction number or the View button to enter the order details page.

1-4.2 view.png



This tab aggregates all the incoming and outgoing records in your SHOPLINE Payments account. You can filter out specific transaction records by using the following information:

  • Specified time range
  • Transaction number
  • Transaction Gross amount

1-5 state.png


Payment Management

This tab lists the supported payment methods for your registration country/region. The activated payment methods for your SHOPLINE payments account are indicated by the Active tag. You can also activate new payment methods if applicable.
1-6 methods.png 



Export Billing Statements

Click Export Statement in the upper right corner of any  tab and select Integrated Statement (Monthly) or Transactions in the pop-up window based on your needs.
2-1 export.png

  • Integrated Statement (Month): It includes the account balance at the end of month and several transaction details (such as transaction/refund records) for that month. The statement will be generated on the 1st of the following month.
  • Transaction Records: It includes details of transaction records. A record of up to 30 days can be exported per download.



Managing Domains

Domains affect your ability to accept Apple Pay payments from website URLs. Up to 15 domain names can be added at a time.

Adding a Domain Name

To add a domain name, click the Add domain name button in the upper right corner.
3-1 add domain.png


Enter the domain name in the format of www.xx.xx. If you need to verify the payment method for the domain, check the box in front of the payment method. Click Submit once finished.
3-2 submit.png

A blue prompt will appear on the right side of the domain name that is under verification. Click Refresh the list to get the result.
3-3 blue.png


If the verification fails, the domain name will display a yellow prompt, indicating that the payment method verification has failed.
3-4 yellow.png


 If the verification is successful, the payment method icon will be displayed.
3-5 icon.png


Managing Domain Names

In the domain name list, click the Edit button to enter the editing page of the domain name.
To update the domain or verify the domain, make the modifications and then click Update.
To delete the domain, click on Remove domain name.
3-6 edit.png




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