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Crafting an Impactful Store Footer


View your store's footer as valuable real estate to showcase brand-related information, including promotions, contact details, social media links, and legal policies. Follow this guide to design an effective footer, enhancing your store's professionalism and fostering lasting connections with customers.


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Designing Footer Promotion 

Utilize Footer Promotion to effortlessly showcase products, highlight special offers, and share crucial information in your website's footer. Strategically organize content to boost customer interaction and enhance the overall user experience. Follow these steps to design your footer promotion:

  1. In your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Online Store > Design. Access the theme editor by clicking Design in the Current theme section.

    Note: Footer promotion is not available in all themes. Ensure you use a theme that supports this feature.


  1. Click on the Footer promotion component, select your preferred Image scale, and choose whether to display the footer promotion on All pages or Selected page(s).
  1. Click on a Sitewide promotion module to configure design details, including adding an image, title, main text, button text, and URL. Changes will be applied for preview in real-time.

  2. Based on your needs, add up to three Sitewide promotion modules. Drag and drop them to adjust their positions.

  3. Once configured, preview your design by clicking View your store. If satisfied, click Save to apply the changes.
Note: When uploading images to the Sitewide promotion module, it is recommended to use images with a picture ratio of 3:1 and a size of 960 x 336 (width x height).



Customizing Store Footer

The Footer section of your website plays a crucial role in providing users with essential information and building trust. It's your brand's foundation, ensuring users can easily find contact details, legal policies, and important links. Follow these steps to explore the functionalities of the Footer component and learn how to customize it for a seamless customer experience:

  1. In your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Online Store > Design. Access the theme editor by clicking Design in the Current theme section.

  2. Click on the Footer component to customize the footer color and layout. You can also manage the settings for the configured footer modules.

  3. Under the Footer component, click Add content to add different types of modules. Select preferred options to tailor your design. 

  4. Based on your preferences and needs, drag and drop the modules to adjust their positions.

  5. Click View your store to preview your customized footer design. If satisfied, click Save to apply the changes.
Note: Depending on themes, the Footer component provides up to 16 modules for additional configuration, with each module having a quantity limit.


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