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Fixing "Handle Does Not Exist" Error During Shopify Product Import


This guide explains how to fix the "handle does not exist" error that can occur when importing Shopify products using product sheets. Easily address the issue by following the instructions below.


In This Article



Understanding and Resolving the Error


Identifying the Cause

When attempting to import products from Shopify to your SHOPLINE store via Products > Import > Import from Shopify, you might encounter an error message stating "handle does not exist." This indicates a failed product upload.



A common cause for this error is an encoding issue. The sheet exported from Shopify might be in CSV format. Saving an edited version of this CSV file in Excel can sometimes lead to garbled characters, which can trigger the "handle does not exist" error.

Screenshot 2022-04-08 at 6.16.41 PM.png


Solution to the Problem

For solutions to the problem of garbled characters after saving an edited Excel file, refer to the "Solutions to Garbled Characters in Exported Tables" guide.

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