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Troubleshooting | Unable to set unlimited inventory for products imported via Shopify

SHOPLINE supports importing products via Shopify:



Due to Shopify limitations, products that have been set as 'Unlimited' would be imported as '0' in SHOPLINE admin panel.


To avoid such a situation, you may follow below guides to amend the info in sheet before uploading.


Step 1

In product import sheet, highlight first row > Add [Filter] 


Step 2

In [SKU Inventory Tracker] column > Click filter icon > [Filter by values] > [ Select '(Blanks)' ] > [OK] 


Step 3

In [SKU Inventory Policy] column > Click filter icon > [Filter by values] > [ Select 'Continue' ] > [OK] 


Step 4

Point to [SKU Inventory Policy] column > Right-click > Select [Clear column]


Step 5

Add the title [SKU Inventory Policy] back to the column



Step 6

Click again the filter icon to have all rows displayed


Step 7

Select File > Download > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) 


Step 8 

Import products again with the latest file you download.


Step 9

Once all the products imported to SHOPLINE admin panel, proceed to [Products] > [Product Management] > Check if the products' quantity has been marked as 'Inventory not tracked'. If not, you could bulk edit it by Select product > [Bulk Edit] > [Change Inventory].



Step 9

Click on [Update].