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Member System - Setting up store credits

The SHOPLINE member system can help you to set up store credits for online stores: Once you have completed the relevant settings, you can issue appropriate store credits to qualified consumers or refund them with store credits. This will significantly help you to improve customer retention, increase customer activity, and boost your shop's repeat purchase rate. Meanwhile, customers can use their store credits to make purchases in online stores, which helps you to build and maintain better customer relationships.


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Turn on / off the Store Credits

You can turn on and turn off the Store Credits at any time. After setting the Store Credits distribution rule and expiry date for your store, please make sure that you have turned on the Store Credits module.

If the dot turns green on the right side of the Store Credits, or the status of the Store Credits is turned on, the current Store Credits rules are enabled and the distribution rule and expiry date are in effect.

Entrance: [Store Credits] > [Current status]


You can turn off the Store Credits setting rules by clicking the button of [Disabled].

After turning off the Store Credits set, the rules you have set (how to earn and use the points) would be invalidated and the corresponding balance of store credits will not be displayed in the customer's panel. However, valid store credits can still be used when customers place orders. By copying the card number to the gift card/discount code input box, you can use the shopping money normally.



Store Credits Distribution Rule Setting

You can set and modify the way your customers collect their store credits.

1. Add a distribution rule

Entrance: [Store credits] > [Store credit distribution] > [Add a distribution rule]



Step 1: Select a way to distribute store credits

There are 5 ways available to distribute store credits, each of which can be set up with only one distribution rule. You can choose and set the way according to your needs.


Example 1: [First order] - Distribute store credits after the first order

You can set the distributed amount of store credits to customers who have made the first order. Two distribution methods are provided, which are “Fixed amount” and “Distribute based on order value”.

If you choose the “fixed amount” method, customers will receive a fixed amount of store credits after placing their first order. If you choose the “distribute based on order value” method, you can set a corresponding amount of store credits based on the amount of dollars consumed, so that customers will receive relative store credits based on the actual amount value spent after placing the first order.


Example 2: [Once placed an order] - Distribute store credits once placed an order

You can choose the distribution method “Fixed amount” or “Distribute based on order value”. Meanwhile, you can set the distribution conditions so that the order values have to reach a specific amount to collect the store credits.

Note: Consumers can only collect the store credits after payment.


Example 3: [Signed up successfully] - Distribute store credits once signed up successfully.


Example 4: [Order History] - Distribute store credits once reached a certain historical order quantity.

You can distribute store credits based on customers’ historical order quantity with a maximum of 5 rules. Consumers will receive the amount of the corresponding credits after reaching each rule required order quantity.


Example 5: [Consumption history] > Distribute store credits after reaching a certain historical consumption amount

You can distribute store credits based on customers’ consumption history with a maximum of 5 rules.  Consumers will receive the amount of the corresponding credits after reaching each rule required consumption amount.


2. Edit the existing rules of distributing store credits

You can edit the existing rules of distributing store credits, after which the customer will collect credits according to the new rules.

Steps: Click on the rule you want to change > Edit the rule - [Update]




3. Delete existing rules of distributing store credits

You can delete the existing distribution rules of store credits.

Steps: When you select the distribution rule, a delete button will appear on the right > click on [Delete] > confirm on delete.





Store Credits Expiry Date Setting

You can set the expiry date of store credits, after which they cannot be used. By managing the expiry date of customers' store credits, you can effectively recall customers to make a purchase.

Entrance: [Store credits] > [Expiry date setting] > [Edit]



  • You can set the corresponding expiry date of the store credits according to the store’s needs. Please remember to click save after setting.
  • You can set the credits to be permanently valid, be valid for a fixed period (select a dynamic time, such as 365 days), or be valid for fixed dates (select an expiry date, such as 31 December 2023).
  • If you don’t select “All kinds of credits share the same set of rules within the same expiry dates”, the expiry date of credits in each of the distribution rules can be set separately. 

Note: The expiration of the store credits will be consistent with the date set at the time of issuing it. Therefore, if you change the expiry date, the expiry date of credits already distributed will not be changed.




Refunds with Store Credits

Once your online store has installed the member system and enabled store credits, you can refund with store credits on the order detail pages.

Note: Please make an agreement with your customer before refunding with store credits. This function will not affect the order amount and you can still make a refund to the original payment method.

Entrance: [Orders] > [Order Details] > [More] > [Refund with store credits]


Refund steps:

  • You can choose to refund customers via store credits by filling in the refund amount. By clicking the “Initiate refund” button, refunding with store credits will be completed.
  • If you select “Send notification to customer" in the notification section and enable refund emails in the member system, the customer will receive an email notification.
  • The member system has filled in a default note and you can change this note message. After initiating the refund, you will see this note in the order detail pages, which will be displayed under 'Merchant Notes'.





Check Store Credits on Member Details Pages

You can view the customer's store credits on the member details page.

When you first distribute store credits to a consumer, the member system will generate a membership card number for the customer, which can be entered to use the credit balance when the consumer places an order. Once the membership card number has been generated, store credits will be distributed to that card.

Entrance: [Customers] > click any customer that you want to check > [Credits]


1. Edit Store Credits Balance:

You can manually adjust the customer's credit balance by clicking on [Edit] and making the adjustment via a pop-up window.

You can change the customer's store credits to a specified amount directly, or make adjustments to the original balance.

Once the changes have been made, click on [Apply] to see the customer’s latest store credits balance.

Note: The minimum value of the store credits is 0, which means you cannot reduce a customer's store credits to a negative amount.


2. Reset the Member Card Number:

You can reset the customer's member card number, but please be aware that this is an irreversible operation. Once you reset it, the customer will only be able to use the new card number for purchases.

Reset method: Click the “Reset“ button within the “Credits” , then confirm the reset and get the new member card number.




Email push

You can send Email automatically to customers under specific scenarios by setting email push.

You can quickly set whether the store credits related scenarios will trigger the email push in the Store credits setting page.


  • Turn on/off the email push: Currently, The Store Credits section provides you with 4 types of emails that can automatically push to customers under specific scenarios. By ticking the box, you can decide whether to send the email in each specific scenario.
    • Email type 1: [Store credits received] - Send when customers received store credits.
    • Email type 2: [Store credits redeemed] - Send when customers used store credits.
    • Email type 3: [Credit expiry notification] - When a customer's store credit is near expired, the notification will be pushed 5 days before the expiration date by default.
    • Email type 4: [Refund with store credits] - Send when initiating a refund with store credits on the order details page.
  • If you want to edit any email, please click the email that you want to edit > click [Edit] to go to the editing page of the email.
  • Click [View more] to go to the email push page.



Use Store Credits

Customers can see their membership card number and the balance of store credits in the member panel. When placing an order, customers can copy their membership card number into the input box of the Gift card or discount code and click [Apply] to pay with store credits.




Get in touch

SHOPLINE has a dedicated local support team for merchants looking for help with their issues and concerns. You can contact SHOPLINE support by reaching out to us through our live chat on your SHOPLINE adminwebsite, dropping us an email or WhatsApp our customer support with your queries.



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