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Delivery Appointment Plugin

Delivery Appointment is an app that allows customers to select delivery date and time during purchase.

  • You can set the date and time period that customers can make an appointment via the app, and configure the maximum number of orders that can be booked at each time, to ensure that the customer's appointment time is within the scope of your offer.
  • Secondly, you can also set specified products that require such delivery booking, and only provide appointment services for these specific products.
  • After a customer selects an appointment time and places an order, you can view the order information in the app and execute shipment there.

Here's how to use the app in detail:

1. Install the app

2. Setup procedure

2.1 Delivery settings

2.2 Product settings

2.3 Calendar style settings

2.4 Delivery order management

2.5 Calendar display effect

3. Frequently asked questions and note


1. Install the app

Select the Delivery Appointment app in the Shopline app market, authorize and install the app.



2. Setup Procedure

2.1 Delivery settings

You can set the time period that customers can reserve and limit the number of purchases under [Delivery Settings] > [Delivery Rules].


  • Restrict the available date range:
    • You can set the bookable date range, including the earliest and latest availabilities from the current date.
    • Example 1: if the store only supports delivery on the day itself and 7 days within, hence you can set recent 0 days to latest 7 days.
    • Example 2: if the store requires lead or preparation time of 2 days and allows customers to book within 14 days from the current date, then you can set recent 2 days to latest 14 days.

  • Excluded dates:
    • Select the specific dates to exclude from delivery, then the customer will not be able to select the specified dates when placing an order.

  • Delivery time format:
    • You can set different methods for customers to book their delivery slots.
    • Date only: only the date can be reserved, no time slot can be chosen eg. 25 Aug
    • Date and time: you can choose a specific date and time eg. 25 Aug, 10am
    • Date and time period: you can choose a specific time period eg. 25 Aug, 10am-2pm

  • Delivery time setting:
    • You can set the business days for customers to make appointments. You can also configure the corresponding business hours and reservation limit per time period and/or per day. 

After configuring the delivery rules and time, click [Enable], and customers can choose the available delivery time slots when placing an order. 


2.2 Product settings

After completing the delivery rules and time configuration, you can head to [Product Management] to select the products that require delivery appointment.


  • All products: After selecting, all products in the store support the selection of delivery slots, and customers will be able to select their desired delivery time when shopping in your store.

  • Designated products: You can specify the selected products that require delivery appointment. Customers will only be able to select delivery slots when they purchase these products. If other products are selected or if customer's shopping cart consists of products that are not included in the delivery appointment app, then customers will not be able to choose any delivery time slots.

2.3 Calendar style settings

After setting the delivery time and applicable products, you can navigate to [Style Settings] to customise your calendar. 


  • Delivery calendar style settings: You can adjust the main color of the calendar and the font color of the selected date to ensure that the calendar display can match your store theme
  • Product checkout button settings: Since the express checkout button may cause customers to skip the delivery time selection and proceed to checkout directly, the express checkout button will be hidden by default but you can enable it here if required.

2.4 Delivery order management

After the customer selects the product and the delivery time and places an order, a delivery order will be generated, and you can view and manage the order in [Overview].

Use the date filter to filter the orders based on delivery dates.


2.5 Calendar display effect

After the app is set up, customers can see the corresponding appointment calendar in the store, which allows customers to choose the corresponding date and time.



3. Frequently Asked Questions and Note

  • For pick-up orders at the store, you need head to [Orders] tab in the admin panel to view the respective orders as the app currently does not support appointment booking for pick-ups.
  • If the quick checkout button is turned on, the customer may place an order without selecting a delivery time. The order that does not contain the delivery information will not be part of the delivery order.



Get in Touch

SHOPLINE has a specialized Merchant Success Team available to assist you with any questions or issues. Please feel free to contact us via the chatbox in the lower right corner of your SHOPLINE admin panel or on the SHOPLINE official website. We are always here to support you every step of the way and help your business thrive.



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