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Custom Currency Format

SHOPLINE’s Custom currency format feature supports the customization of currency display formats for 150 different currencies worldwide. SHOPLINE has already set the format, precision, and other details for each currency, ensuring that it meets your basic operational needs.

This feature not only helps you customize the display of currency on the store page according to local conditions, improving local user experience, but also helps display the amount information more clearly on the checkout page.

This article will introduce how to set currency custom format.


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Brief Description of Currency Custom Format

Your store will have two different currency formats. Here are the formats and their scope:

Format name Applicable to
Contains currency code format Online store, notifications and SHOPLINE backend
Does not contain currency code format Online store, notifications and SHOPLINE backend



Detailed Settings for Custom Format

Enable custom format

From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Home > Settings > Basic Settings > Payment currency, and enable the Custom currency format. Once enabled, you can utilize the custom currency format for displaying currencies.
Detailed Settings for Custom Format_1.pngDetailed Settings for Custom Format_2.png

Edit custom format

Click the Edit format button to enter the Edit currency format pop-up.

Edit custom format_1.png

You can customize the currency format according to your own needs. Please note that once you enable the custom format, the settings will take effect within the applicable scope.

Edit custom format_2.png


  • Scroll up and down inside to view and edit all currency formats.
  • If it is not edited, it cannot be saved.



Currency Format Editing Reference Table

Click the Notice button in the upper right corner of the pop-up to display the Currency Format Reference Table provided by SHOPLINE. You can refer to this table and make modifications according to your needs. Please note that the final display is based on the custom format you input.

Currency format editing reference table_1.pngCurrency format editing reference table_2.png



Disabling Custom Currency Format

To disable the custom currency format, perform the following steps:

From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Settings > Basic Settings > Payment currency, and disable the Custom currency format.

Disabling Custom Currency Format.png


Note: When you disable the custom format, your historical configuration data is preserved, but it does not take effect on your store pages, and your store adopts the system's default currency format instead of your custom format.
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