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Google Merchant Center (GMC) (Definition, Creation Process, Asset Licensing, FAQ)

This article will focus on the Google Merchant Center (GMC) and answer you from the following aspects:
What is Google Merchant Center (GMC)?
How to create GMC?
Asset authorization
account association
URL verification
common problem

What is Google Merchant Center (GMC)?
Google Merchant Center (GMC) is a product that allows users to discover, browse, and buy from advertisers, as well as a variety of features and reporting tools. With Google Merchant Center, you can bring your store and product information to Google, making it accessible to shoppers using various Google services. This means that users can see complete store and product information no matter what Google property they search on.

When a user searches for a keyword, a product related to the keyword will appear, which is the Google product feed. The feed is uploaded in the GMC background. When the user searches for a keyword, the system displays the advertiser's products according to the matching. So as long as you want to run Google Shopping Ads, you must apply for a GMC account, complete the account, and upload the feed.

For more details, please refer to: Google Help Center

How to create GMC?
Step 1 Make sure you have a Google account
If you do not have a Google account, you can refer to "Google Account (Definition, Creation Process, Asset Authorization, FAQ)".

Step 2 Log in to GMC
Click on the following URL to log in to GMC with your Google account

Step 3 Add basic information to complete account setup
Merchant Center intelligently tailors the onboarding experience for users. It advises you on next steps and displays completed tasks. You can go to the Overview tab at any time to see the remaining tasks.

Please add the following information to complete the basic settings of GMC. The specific operation guidelines are as follows:
1. Go to Google page and click GMC

2. Fill in the account information
Note: The capitalization of the business name and the website domain name logo name should be consistent

3. Fill in the shipping and return information
Note: It is consistent with the actual shipping and return policies of the URL.
3.1 Fill in Shipping service

3.2 Fill in Return Policy

After selecting the delivery country, copy the return policy link on the last page to fill in, for example:

4. Fill in the tax information
Note: Consistent with the actual tax policy of the URL

5. Fill in the business information
Note: Fill in according to the actual situation

Phone/address/email need to fill in the real information, and it needs to be presented on the website, and it must be consistent

6. Open the shopping ads project


Asset authorization
1. Account association
1..1 Link the Google account that needs to serve ads to GMC

1.2 When linking GMC, if the GMC account cannot be read and the connection cannot be made, you can follow the steps below:
1.2.1 Disconnect the Google account to re-authorize, pay attention to check the product management permission

1.2.2 Make sure the store domain name is exactly the same as the GMC domain name (not vs www.
1.2.3 Click the "Advertisement" section on the left side of the Shopline background
1.2.4 Return to GMC to reconnect

2. URL verification
2.1 Enter Google Merchant Center "Settings" Business information
Enter the main domain name of the store in the URL bar (it is exactly the same as the main domain name in the backstage of the store, and the punctuation and slashes must be exactly the same), and select the first method to add an HTML tag to get the tag field

Copy the xxx part in content = "xxx"

2.2 Paste the code

2.3 Go back to GMC and click Verify website, and declare the ownership of the website (Claim website)