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MCC (Google Ads Manager Account) (Definition, Creation Process, Asset Authorization, FAQ)

This article will focus on MCC and answer you from the following aspects:
What is MCC?
How to create MCC?
Asset authorization
common problem

What is MCC?
MCC, or Google Ads Manager Account, is a powerful tool for managing multiple Google Ads or Smart Campaign accounts. You can use a manager account to link multiple accounts to view them in one place.
Manager accounts are ideal for third-party advertisers, such as agencies and professional marketers, or large advertisers who manage multiple accounts.

How to create MCC?
Step 1 Enter the MCC creation page
Go to the MCC creation page through the following link and click "Create Manager Account": https://ads.google.com/intl/zh-CN_cn/home/tools/manager-accounts/

Step 2 Fill in the basic information
After filling in your basic information, click "Submit" to create your MCC successfully.


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