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Your Guide to SHOPLINE Billing FAQs


The FAQs about billing typically cover topics such as automatic billing deduction, handling of payment failures, support for downgrading plans, and the display of transaction fee bills, among others.


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Billing and Payment FAQs


  1. Does the billing support automatic deductions?

    Yes, you can set up automatic deductions for your subscription plan. To do so, ensure the auto-renewal feature is enabled in Settings > Plan in your SHOPLINE admin panel and bind a credit card for auto deduction purposes. Once set up, when your store's subscription plan expires, the system will automatically generate a new payment pending bill and initiate a charge to your credit card.

    In addition to subscription fees, the system will also automatically deduct pending transaction fee bills using your linked credit card.

    SHOPLINE supports various credit card types, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and others.

    Note: For more information about binding credit cards and the deduction rules, see the "Guide to Automatic Billing Deduction" guide.

  2. What if I fail to pay the bill or the payment page fails to load?

    If you encounter issues like payment page display anomalies, billing payment failures, or the page showing unpaid after a successful payment, or any other unexpected circumstances, please contact your Merchant Success Manager. We will promptly resolve the problem.

  3. How is billing and payment handled when upgrading plans?

    You can upgrade your plan directly within your SHOPLINE admin panel by going to Settings > Plan. The system will automatically calculate the price difference you need to pay, allowing you to proceed with the payment directly.

  4. What payment methods does the billing support?

    Payment methods available can vary by country. However, SHOPLINE generally supports common methods like credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. You can choose the most convenient method for your bill payment.

  5. Are plan downgrades supported?

    Downgrading is not possible for active plans. However, you can select the desired plan when renewing your next period plan. The new plan will automatically take effect after the current period ends.

  6. Will the transaction fee display in the billing immediately after they are generated?

    Yes, you can view real-time transaction fee flow data for your store on the Transaction Fee Flow page. Access this page by going to Settings > Plan > View Bills in your SHOPLINE admin panel.

    When your store's transaction fee flow reaches a specific threshold, a transaction fee bill is generated. The transaction fee flow will also be displayed on this bill.

    Note: For detailed information on how transaction fee bills are generated, refer to "Billing Generation Guidelines."
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