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Customizing Product Recommendation Display Positions


Product Recommendations is an AI-powered app that recommends relevant products to customers, potentially increasing your conversion rate. This guide explains how to tailor the position of product recommendations displayed on your store pages using the theme editor. 

Note: This article focuses solely on customizing product recommendation placements. For basic app settings, refer to the "Product Recommendation - Overview" guide. 


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Customizing Display Positions in the Theme Editor

Go to Online Store > Design in your SHOPLINE admin panel. Then, click the Design button in the Current theme section to access your theme editor.


  1. Choose the page: From the page selection dropdown, select the page where you want to place the product recommendation component.

  2. Add the component: Click on Add component > Apps > Product Recommendations.

  3. Select data source: Choose the configured data source you established in the Product Recommendations app.

  4. Drag and drop: Hover over the Product Recommendations component, then click and hold the drag handle icon to drag and drop it to your preferred position.



Configuring Recommendations for Product Detail Pages

  1. From the homepage of your Product Recommendations app, click Page settings and select the Product detail page.

  2. Product Recommendations offers two configuration options for product detail pages. Select based on your requirements:
    • Store-wide settings: Apply recommendations consistently across all product detail pages using the Configure store-wide settings for product recommendations module. Click the Configure button to access the editing page.

    • Individual product settings: Customize recommendations for specific products by clicking on the product from the list in the Customize recommendations for single products module.



  1. Why can't the position of product recommendation content be customized on certain pages?
    Currently, SHOPLINE supports custom positioning for the following themes and pages:
    Themes Pages Support for Custom Positioning
    Arise, Wink Product detail page, Product list page, Shopping cart page, Search page, 404 page Supported
    Mini shopping cart, Payment result page Not supported
    Along, Brooklyn, Impress, Blouse Product detail page, Product list page Supported
    Shopping cart page, Mini shopping cart, Payment result page, Search page, 404 page Not supported
    Other themes - Not supported

  2. Can I add multiple Product Recommendation components on one page?
    Yes. You can add multiple Product Recommendation components on a single page by clicking the Add component button.


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