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SHOPLINE Apps to Replace Equivalent Plugins


This article introduces SHOPLINE apps that offer functionalities similar to certain plugins from . These apps can help you seamlessly transition your store operations during and after migrating from different platforms to SHOPLINE, empowering you to optimize your new store quickly.

To install the apps mentioned in this guide, simply head over to the SHOPLINE App Store and search for them.


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Product Review 

Once you install the SHOPLINE Product Review app, customers can leave reviews on products they've purchased at your online store. This allows potential customers to gain a comprehensive understanding of your products by browsing reviews and ratings from other shoppers.

Encouraging customer reviews can attract more orders, as positive reviews build trust and credibility. The app also allows you to easily manage reviews by setting their display style and adjusting their placement on your product pages. Additionally, you can import reviews in batches to further enhance customer trust.

To learn more about the app’s features, see the "Product Review Management" guide.



Product Upsells & Bundles 

1.2.jpgThis app lets you create product bundles, a marketing strategy that combines two or more complementary products into a single package. By offering bundles that cater to your target audience's needs, you can increase the perceived value and potentially outsell individual products.

Once you create product bundles in the app, they'll appear alongside the main product on its detail page. This makes it easy for customers to discover these bundled offerings, potentially leading to higher average order value (AOV) and sales.

For more information on creating product bundles, see the "Product Bundles" guide.



Product Recommendations 

1.3.jpgThis app allows you to enable product recommendations for your store. Once set up, the system suggests relevant products to customers browsing your product pages and product listings. By showcasing relevant items, you can increase the chances of customers finding products they might be interested in, ultimately leading to higher average order values (AOV) and conversion rates.

The product recommendations app supports configuration in multiple pages, including the product list page and details page. Additionally, it leverages AI to provide intelligent recommendations based on customer behavior, further enhancing the shopping experience and increasing your sales potential.

For more information on setting up product recommendations, see the "Product Recommendation Plug-in" guide.



Sales Popup 

  • SHOPLINE App: Sales Popup
  • Equivalent App: Sales Pop up Conversion Pro

1.4.jpgThis app uses popups to display real-time sales notifications on your product pages. These notifications can showcase recent purchases made by other customers, creating a sense of urgency and social proof that can encourage visitors to buy.

You can customize the products shown in the popups, the information displayed, and the frequency of the notifications to match your store's needs. This level of control allows you to create a realistic shopping experience that can boost your conversion rates.

For more information on using Sales Popups, see the "Sales Popup" section of the "Marketing Tools" guide. 



Conversion Booster 

1.5.jpgThis app helps you create a sense of urgency and excitement in your store, which can encourage customers to buy more. It achieves this in a few ways: 

  • Real-time page views: This feature displays the number of people currently viewing a product, creating the impression of a popular and in-demand item.
  • Inventory countdown: You can show how many units of a product are left in stock, highlighting limited availability and prompting faster decisions.
  • Cart countdown timers: These timers add urgency by reminding customers that items in their cart might not be available forever.
  • Enhanced "Add to Cart" button: Eye-catching animations and reminders can encourage customers to add products to their carts.

By using these features strategically, you can create a more engaging shopping experience and increase your conversion rates.

For a detailed explanation of each feature of the Conversion Booster app, refer to the "Conversion Booster: A Comprehensive Guide" guide. 



Announcement Bar 

1.6.jpgThis app lets you create a customizable announcement bar that appears at the top of your store. This is a great way to communicate important information to all your customers.

You can easily design your announcement bar in the SHOPLINE admin panel with a real-time preview. Change the layout, style, and content to match your message perfectly. You can even set the announcement to display for a specific timeframe or schedule it to appear automatically. Additionally, you have the option to upload a custom background image to make your announcements even more impactful.

For more information on using the Announcement Bar, see the "Announcement Bar" section of the "Marketing Tools" guide. 



Instagram Feed 

  • SHOPLINE App: Instagram Feed 
  • Equivalent App: Instafeed ‐ Instagram Feed

1.7.jpgWith this app, you can integrate your Instagram feed directly into your storefront. You can showcase eye-catching Instagram posts and tag relevant products from your store, making it easy for customers to discover and purchase them. This creates a dynamic and engaging shopping experience that can boost sales and build trust with your customers.

The app is easy to use, even for those with no coding experience. It offers a variety of customization options so you can design the Instagram feed to perfectly match your store's look and feel.

For more information on setting up your Instagram Feed, see the "Instagram Feed User Guide" guide.




  • SHOPLINE App: Pop-ups
  • Equivalent App: Automizely Email Marketing, SMS

1.8.jpgThe Pop-up app is a versatile tool you can use to achieve various goals throughout your customer's shopping journey.  These pop-ups can:

  • Grow your email list: Encourage visitors to subscribe to your email list for exclusive offers and updates.
  • Promote sales and discounts: Announce special promotions and offer discount codes through pop-ups.
  • Create a festive atmosphere: Generate excitement for holidays or seasonal sales with themed pop-ups.
  • Offer free shipping: Incentivize purchases by highlighting your free shipping promotions.
  • Win back customers: Design targeted pop-ups to re-engage past customers.
  • Recommend products: Showcase relevant products to customers based on their browsing behavior.

By using different types of pop-ups strategically, you can capture leads, boost sales, and keep your customers engaged.

For more information on creating effective pop-up promotions, see the "Pop-up Promotion Setting Guidelines" guide.



Add to Cart Button

1.9.jpgThis app allows you to customize the "Add to Cart" button on your product pages. You can choose from a variety of styles, including fixed or hover buttons, to find the one that best suits your store's design and user experience.

By customizing the color, font, and style of the button, you can make it more visually appealing and encourage customers to add products to their carts. This can ultimately lead to higher conversion rates for your store.

For more information on customizing your "Add to Cart" button, see the "Add to Cart" guide.



Member System 

  • SHOPLINE App: Member System 
  • Equivalent App: Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

1.10.jpgThis app lets you create a loyalty program for your store. With a loyalty program, you can:

  • Reward your best customers: Offer tiered memberships with exclusive benefits like points, discounts, and special offers.
  • Encourage repeat purchases: Motivate customers to return by rewarding them for their loyalty.
  • Increase customer engagement: Give your customers a reason to keep coming back to your store.
  • Build brand loyalty: Create a community of loyal customers who love your brand.

By setting up a loyalty program, you can retain existing customers, boost sales, and build a stronger brand following.

For more information on creating your loyalty program, see the "Member System - Introduction" guide.

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