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Marketing Tools


You can utilize various marketing components on your website to communicate essential information about your store to customers. This article encompasses multiple aspects. Click on the following marketing components based on your requirements to access the respective tutorials.


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Marketing Tools

To fulfill your store operation needs, SHOPLINE has introduced four marketing tools: Pop-ups, Announcement Bar, Countdown Timer, and Sales Popup.








Please click to learn more about Pop-ups.



Announcement Bar

The Announcement Bar is a component fixed to the top of your store. You can use this component to communicate important messages to your customers.


  • Content of display:
    • Announcements: Texts, characters, emojis, and other content formats are supported with a character limit of 200.
    • Play on scroll: If checked, announcements will be scrolled in the announcement bar.
    • Link action: It can be used as a supplement to the announcement content.
    • Display close button: If checked, customers can disable the announcement bar.
  • Style settings: You can customize the style of your announcement bar.
  • Display settings: You can specify the display mode, display page, and device for the announcement bar. 
  • Active time: You can define the display device (PC terminal or mobile terminal), display page, and effective time according to the needs of your store.



Countdown Timer

This component showcases a promotional countdown timer on the store details page to encourage order placements.


  • Display Countdown Timer: Enables or disables the countdown timer on the store.
  • Countdown settings: Allows you to set the timer duration.
  • Valid products: Choose specific products to display the countdown timer.
  • Content style: Customize the position, style, template, and promotional text copy of the countdown timer



Sales Popup

Sales Popup automatically appears to customers on the storefront, showcasing real-time order details. Customers can click to redirect to the product details page.


  • Show Sales Popup: Enable to show Sales Popup in your store.
  • Popup settings:
    • Order type for push:
      • All order history: Displays all historical orders
      • Paid order history: Displays only historical paid orders
      • Virtual orders: Displays virtual orders with customizable buyer names, place of purchase,  and time of purchase
    • Show order placed in: Orders generated in this period will be displayed to customers.
    • Display the buyer information anonymously: Customer information will be displayed anonymously.
    • Assigned products for push: You can specify up to 100 products for the push.
  • Display settings: You can define the display device, page location, and page range for the popup template.
  • Template style: Choose between dark and light color templates.
  • Timie settings: Set the display time, duration of display, and interval of display. Additionally, you can limit the maximum display per page, or set it to a loop display.

Customers will see sales popups pushed to them based on your settings.

Notes: After completing the settings for each component, you need to enable the component display at the top left to display it at the store.



Recommendations for Key Information Display

It is recommended that you utilize the aforementioned marketing tools to highlight the following information:

  • Ongoing promotions
  • Subscription reminders for the store
  • Prompts showcasing products downloaded by other customers to encourage order placement
  • Featured new arrivals or top-selling products
  • Notices regarding shipping delays or regions not eligible for international shipping
  • Updates or new policies
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