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Automatically Assigning Chat Sessions


To optimize your customer service efficiency, you can make use of our Automatically assigning sessions feature to allocate customer sessions or inquiries to available staff based on their working hours. Enabling this feature helps reduce customer’s waiting times, improve staff productivity, and facilitate store managers in resource allocation, enhancing transparency in workflow processes.


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Setting up Working Hours for Staff

The system automatically assigns sessions to your staff based on their working hours. Therefore, you need to first configure available working hours/work shifts of your store, then assign a period for each staff.

Creating Working Hours

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Channels > Messages, and click the Go to settings button next to Chat Assistant.
    1.1.1 Messages _ Go to settings.png
  2. In the Working time tab, click the Creating the working time button.
    1.1.2 Working time _ Creat the working time.png
  3. In the Create the working time pop-up window, select the time zone, give this period a name, and specify the working hours. Once finished, click Save to create the working hours.
    1.1.3 Save the working time.png

Enabling the Automatically assigning sessions Feature

  1. In the Settings page of Chat Assistant, go to the Automatically assigning sessions tab and turn on the toggle in the upper right corner.
    1.2.1 Toggle on.png
Note: By default, the Automatically assigning sessions toggle is turned off. To turn it on, there should be at least one staff who is associated with working hours. Please first follow the steps below to specify working hours for a staff, then turn it on.


  1. In the staff list, click the +Working hour button next to staff to specify the working hours.
    1.2.2 Select working time.png
  2. Select from available working hours for the staff. If you haven’t created working hours, click +Creating the working time in the dropdown to open the Create the working time pop-up window and create one. Once finished, click the disk icon to save the configuration.
    1.3 Creat working time.png



How the Automatic Assignment Works

When a message comes in, the system first assigns it to the staff who are on duty at that time. The assignment is based on the following order: staff who have never been assigned > staff with the longest time since the last assignment > staff with the shortest time since the last assignment. The system tries to make the assignment evenly distributed between staff.



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