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Setting Up Unique URLs for Global Markets


When expanding your online store internationally, you'll want to create unique website addresses (URLs) for each country or region where you offer a localized shopping experience. This ensures that customers see product information, pricing, and promotions in their local language and currency.


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Unique URL Setup for Each Target Country/Region

There are three primary methods for creating unique URLs for your international markets:

  • Top-Level Domain (TLD): This involves using a country-specific TLD, such as ".fr" for France, to create a separate website for each country, like "your-shop-name.fr".
  • Subdomain: By adding a prefix before your main domain name, like "fr.your-shop-name.com", you can create a subdomain specifically for a country within your main domain.
  • Subfolder: This method adds a folder path to your main domain URL, such as "your-shop-name.com/fr-fr". Subfolders are recommended for their simplicity and SEO benefits, especially for first-time users of SHOPLINE Markets.


To set up an international domain for a particular country or region, you need to:

  • Determine the most suitable SEO strategy for your international domain.
  • Create a unique URL for each target market to offer a localized shopping experience.
  • Once the international domain is configured, ensure customers are directed to the URL corresponding to their language and location preferences.


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