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Managing Permissions for Your Staff


In Message Center, you can manage permissions for your staff through permission settings. Setting staff permissions is essential. This allows you to control what information and functionalities each staff member can access, preventing security breaches and accidental errors. It also promotes efficiency by streamlining workflows and ensuring staff have the tools they need to perform their designated tasks.


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Permission Setting

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Channels > Messages.
  2. In the Customize settings to create a tailored customer experience section, find Permission management and click Go to settings.
    1-1 permission management.png

  3. Find the staff you want to grant or edit permissions for and click the pencil icon.
    1-2 select staff.png

  4. In the Edit permissions pop-up window, there are three types of permissions: Notification permissions, Manage messages, and Viewing permissions. Manage the permissions and click Save.
    1-3 permissions.png



About the Permissions

  • Notification permissions: When checked, staff members will receive all the unread sessions of the store. If unchecked, staff members will only receive the messages assigned to them.
  • Manage messages:
    • Assign message sessions to staff: When checked, authorized staff members can manually adjust the session assignment status, including assigning sessions to specific staff members in session details page or assigning multiple sessions to a staff member in the session list.
    • Reply to messages assigned to other staff: When a session is assigned, the assignee is responsible to reply to it. Staff members not assigned to that session but with this permission can also reply. However, those without this permission cannot reply.
    • Message center permission management: This permission determines whether the Permission management entry is displayed in the Message Center.
  • Viewing permissions:
    • View all staff sessions
    • View social data panel: This permission affects whether a staff member's entry to the social data panel is displayed. It is effective in the Message Center overview and Live Shopping data entry.


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