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Google Analytics(GA4) Setup

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Step 1: Setting up Google Analytics account

Log in to your Gmail and go to [Admin] to create an account in Google Analytics.



Step 2: Creating an account

1. Account setup

  • Account name: Name your account with an easily recognizable conversion name, or enter your company/personal name, then click [Next].


2. Property name settings

Please enter your website/store name in [Property name] and confirm your time zone and currency. After confirming, please select [Show advanced options] below.



3. Advanced option settings

Google launched GA4F reports (Google Analytics for Firebase) for tracking both apps and websites in October 2020. This step will guide you to establish resources, but it is recommended that you establish a classic GA to fully collect website data and reports. After completing the establishment, you can refer to the website situation and create 4F resources through GTM by yourself.

  • In this step, please enter your website URL (https) and select [Create both a Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics property]. After completing this, please click [Next].



4. About your business  

Please fill in the form according to the operation of your company/store, and click [Next] when you are finished.



Step 3: Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement

  • Replace [region] with your actual location.
  • After confirming that you have no issues with the Terms of Service and Additional Terms, please check the box stating [I also accept the Data Processing as required by GDPR].
  • Finally, click [I Accept].



Step 4: Setting up Tracking ID

Please copy the [MEASUREMENT ID]


Go to the store's backend and navigate to [Channels] >[Google], then find[Google Analytics].


Select the property type as [Google Analytics 4 (GA4)], paste the copied [MEASUREMENT ID] into the [Tracking ID] field, and finally click [Confirm].


Note: that Google Analytics begins to collect data only after the setup is complete, and the data will not be updated immediately. It is estimated that it takes about 24-48 hours for the data to be fully presented in Google Analytics.



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