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Creating Manual Tie-in Bundle Sets


This guide explores the Manual Tie-in Sets feature within the Product Upsells & Bundles app. This feature allows you to manually create pre-defined bundles of products, offering your customers convenient shopping options and potentially increasing your sales.

Note: Before proceeding, ensure you have installed the Product Upsells & Bundles app from the SHOPLINE App Store. 


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Creating a Manual Tie-in Bundle Set

To create a manual tie-in product bundle, follow these steps: 

  1. In your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Apps > Product Upsells & Bundles. Install the app if you haven’t already.

  2. On the Product bundles page, find the Manual tie-in sets module and click Create a set.

  3. On the Manual tie-in bundles page, click Create.

  4. Customize your bundle step-by-step to match your needs.

4.1 Give the bundle an appealing Bundle name. This name will appear on the product detail page, shopping cart page, and checkout page.

4.2 Choose the Bundle products.

4.2.1 Click on Select products.

4.2.2 From the popup product list, choose between two to ten products for the bundle and click Select.

4.2.3 Click Mark as main product for the product you’ve chosen as the leading item in the bundle. Optionally, select Only display the product bundle on the main product's detail page if desired.

  • If the Only display the product bundle on the main product’s detail page option is unchecked, the product bundle will be displayed on the detail page of every product included in the bundle.
  • The product display order on the storefront page is determined by the order set in this module. To modify the order, delete the products and then re-add them in the desired sequence.


4.3 Offer a Bundle discount to encourage purchases.

4.3.1 Select the discount type:

    • Percentage discount: Enter the discount percentage customers receive when purchasing the bundle.
    • Fixed amount discount: Enter the discount amount customers save when purchasing the bundle. This amount must be less than the sum of the minimum selling prices of every product in the bundle.
    • Fixed bundle price: Enter the specific price for the bundle. This price must be less than the sum of the minimum selling prices of every product in the bundle..
    • Get the lowest-priced item free: Set the lowest-priced product in the bundle to be free. 

4.3.2 Set Promotion information display. Select the option to Display the discounted price of a single product if desired. For the percentage discount type, you can also choose to display it as a percentage or as a converted amount. Click Preview to see the applied effect.

4.4 Select the Action after ‘add to cart’ to determine the redirect page after customers click the buy button:

    • Enter checkout page: Customers will go directly to the checkout page after clicking the buy button, meaning they can only purchase the bundled product for this transaction.
    • Enter shopping cart page: Customers will be directed to the shopping cart page after clicking the buy button, where they can choose to check out or continue shopping.

4.5 In the Bundle display module, choose where to showcase the bundle.

4.5.1 Click Edit in the Bundle display module.

4.5.2 Choose from three display positions in the popup window and click Complete.

Note: On the product page, customers can click on any item in the bundle to open a product popup, enabling them to view detailed information about each individual item.


4.6 Review the setting summary in the Overview module to ensure everything is correct. Then, toggle on the Enabled switch.

  1. Click Create to successfully create the bundle.



Setting Up Bundle Recommendation Popups

After creating a bundle set, you can leverage recommendation popups to promote it further. When a customer adds a product from the bundle to their cart, a popup will appear showcasing the entire set, encouraging them to purchase it. Follow these steps to set up a recommendation popup:

  1. In the Product Upsells & Bundles app, go to the Product bundles tab and click Manage bundles.

  2. Select the bundle you want to create a popup for and access its detail page.

  3. Locate the Recommendation popup module and toggle it on to enable customization.

3.1 Enter an appealing Pop-up window title that will be displayed to customers.

3.2 Craft enticing Pop-up window button text to encourage purchases.

  • To preview how the title and button text are displayed to customers, click Show display example.
  • The page customers are redirected to after clicking the purchase button in the popup window aligns with the settings in the bundle. Therefore, if the redirected page is updated, ensure the button text on the popup is adjusted accordingly.


3.3 Set Display frequency: Choose whether to show the popup every time a customer adds an item to their cart or just once.

3.4 Choose Display page: Decide to display the popup on all bundled product pages or just the main product page.

  1. Click Update to save your popup settings.


Important Notes on Bundle Recommendation Popups

  • When a customer adds an item from a bundle to their cart, the configured popup will appear to showcase the entire bundle for purchase.
  • Clicking the purchase button within the popup adds the entire bundle to their cart.
  • If an add-on promotion is active for the product, it will take priority over the bundle popup and be displayed on the product page.
  • If you have multiple bundle popups for the same product, the one associated with the most recently updated bundle set will appear. This aligns with the priority of which bundle is displayed on the product page.
  • Remember to set your bundle set to enabled for its recommendation popup to appear. Disabled bundles won't trigger popups.



Advanced Settings for Created Bundle Sets 

For created bundles, you can fine-tune your promotional strategies with the Advanced Settings feature. This functionality empowers you to define rules for partial bundle purchases with discounts, configure the stacking of promotions with coupon codes, decide the number of bundles displayed on product pages, and prioritize specific bundles within that limit. 

For a detailed explanation of these advanced options, please refer to the dedicated guide on "Advanced Settings." 



Viewing the Manual Tie-in Bundles List

All created product bundles are accessible via the Manual tie-in bundles page. Follow these steps to view and manage your manual bundles:

  1. In the Product Upsells & Bundles app, go to the Product bundles tab, find the Manual tie-in sets module, and click Manage bundles.
  2. On the Manual tie-in bundles page, you can switch among three tabs: All, Enabled, and Disabled bundles. The bundle list below provides a quick overview of essential information for each bundle:
    • Main product: Displays the image and name of the main product in each bundle.
    • Products in the bundle: Displays the product images and quantities included in each bundle.
    • Discount type: Shows the discount type set for each bundle.
    • Total sales ($): Displays the current total sales of each created bundle. 
    • Status: Indicates whether the bundle is enabled or disabled.
    • Popup: Indicates whether the recommendation popup for this bundle is enabled or disabled.
    • Action: In this column, you can click the Preview icon to preview the main product's detail page for the respective promotion. If the current bundle popup has generated any data, you'll see a data icon displayed. Click on it to view the data details:
      • Views: The number of times the bundle popup was viewed by customers.
      • Clicks: The number of times the purchase button within the bundle popup was clicked by customers.
      • Conversion rate: Calculated as Clicks / Views.
Notes: If any issues arise with a sales bundle, such as a product being out of stock, the system will automatically hide the bundle in the storefront. You will then see an abnormal notification in the bundle list. Simply follow the prompt to rectify the issue and restore normal display.



Managing Manual Tie-in Bundles

To match your sales strategies, you may need to adjust bundled products, discount types, or display styles. Additionally, if certain bundles no longer correspond with your operational techniques, you may consider disabling or deleting them. Follow the instructions below to perform these actions:


Updating Your Bundles

  1. In the Product Upsells & Bundles app, go to the Product bundles tab, locate the "Manual tie-in sets" module,  and click Manage bundles.
  2. Select the bundle you want to update to access its editing page.
  3. Modify the bundle’s settings according to your preferences and needs, then click Update. The bundle information on the product page will be immediately updated.
Note: Orders already placed with the old bundle version won't be affected. However, orders with the updated bundle added to your cart or during checkout but not completed will be subject to the new settings.


Disabling Bundles (Temporarily Hide)

  1. In the Product Upsells & Bundles app, go to the Product bundles tab, locate the "Manual tie-in sets" module,  and click Manage bundles.
  2. Check the bundle you want to disable and click Disable. You can select multiple bundles at once.

Alternatively, access the editing page of the selected bundle and toggle off the Enabled switch to disable the bundle.


Deleting Bundles (Permanent Removal)

  1. In the Product Upsells & Bundles app, go to the Product bundles tab, locate the "Manual tie-in sets" module,  and click Manage bundles.

  2. Check the bundle you want to delete and click Delete. You can select multiple bundles at once.



Querying Manual Tie-in Bundles

To determine which manual tied-in bundles are currently associated with a specific product in your store, follow these steps:

  1. In the Product Upsells & Bundles app, go to the Product bundles tab and locate the "Product bundle management" module. Click on Query products.

  2. Click Select a product to open the product list.

  3. Select the product you want to examine for its associated sales bundles, then click Select.

  4. The query result will showcase all bundle combinations for this product. Locate the "Manual tie-in bundles" module to view all manually created bundles linked with this product.
    • Click Manage manual tie-in sales to access the manual tie-in bundles list page, where you can view and manage all manual tie-in bundles.
    • Click the Modify settings of product set button for a specific bundle to access its bundle editing page and make necessary adjustments.
Note: For detailed information on product bundle management, refer to the "Product Bundle Management" article.


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