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Guide To Processing Orders

This article offers customers comprehensive guidance on efficiently managing and filtering orders using SHOPLINE's features. It provides an instruction for merchants to filter orders as well as explains the differences among ordering/shipping/paying statuses and how to assign tracking numbers. Merchants can also find a guide to cancel orders, process refunds, and create return orders as well as a special feature to archive orders from the store. With the support of these helpful features, you will efficiently enhance your e-commerce operations seamlessly within the SHOPLINE platform.


In This Article



Order List

The backend of SHOPLINE orders is divided into two sections: Orders and Abandoned orders.

Order information will be displayed in the Order list in the Orders section, except for Unpaid Online Payment Orders (which are archived by default). For unpaid online payment orders, you can view them in the Abandoned Orders section and send recall notices to buyers. Learn more about Abandoned Checkouts


Processing orders 1.png



Order Filtering

In the drop-down filter, you can use the search bar above the order list to filter orders by customer name, email, address, order number, order status, tag, SKU, and more.

For example, to view all orders placed with a specific email address, you can go to [Orders] from your SHOPLINE Admin panel and enter the email of the customer whose order you want to find. You will be able to view all orders placed by this customer.

Processing orders 2.png

Processing orders 3.png

You can apply multiple filters at once to narrow down the orders displayed in your list. For example, if you want to see orders placed by a particular customer that has not yet been paid for, click Payment status and select Unpaid.

Processing orders 4.png

For more focused filtering, you can use the More Filters button.



Order Statuses

Order Status

Status Name

Status Description

Payment Status


The initial status of the order indicates that the order can be processed and edited. 

Shipping Status


After the shop cancels the order, the order's status will be changed to cancel.

Cancelled orders can no longer be paid or shipped, but the money paid by the buyer can still be refunded.


The store can archive completed orders, which the orders will be hidden.

You can select a filter to view archived orders, then unarchive them to make them visible once more.


The payment status is when the buyer’s payment for the order has not been received.

Partially Paid

When the shop edits the order, and the new order amount is greater than the buyer's payment amount, the order's payment status will change to partially paid.

The business can confirm whether the buyer has paid the price difference offline and then modify the partial payment status to paid. This will synchronously update the buyer's payment amount to the latest order amount.


The buyer’s payment has been received for the order successfully.

Partially Refunded

The order has been refunded, but the payment from the buyer has not been refunded in full.


The order has been refunded, and the payment from the buyer has been refunded in full.

Shipping Status

Pending Shipment

All of the products in the order have not been shipped.

Partially Shipped

A few products from the order have been shipped.


All the products in the order have been shipped.



Modify Payment Status

The payment status of a group of orders can be changed to paid in the order list, or the payment status of a single order can be changed to paid in the order details.

First, you will need to log in to your SHOPLINE account to change the status of the order. From your SHOPLINE Admin, proceed to [Orders] and select an order in which you want to make changes. Click on Mark as Paid to change the status of an order to Paid.

Processing orders 5.png

Status Name



1. Only orders with custom payment and COD orders can be modified to be Paid on the backend. The payment status of orders paid online cannot be changed manually. 

2. When the order is in unpaid status, the refund initiated by the store will not be supported. 


You can modify the order to Paid, but the payment status cannot be changed back to Unpaid.

Partial Payment

It can be changed to Paid, and the buyer’s payment for the order will be updated to the current order amount.

Partially Refunded

1. Refunds can be initiated in the cases of Paid, Partially Paid and Partially Refunded.

2. When an order is refunded, and the sum of the previous refunds is less than the buyer's payment amount (indicating the buyer's payment has not been fully returned), the payment status of the order will be a partial refund.

3. When an order is refunded, the store cannot change the payment status to Unpaid or Paid.


1. When you have refunded the buyer’s payment in full, the order’s payment status will change to "Refunded".

2. When the payment status of an order is "Refunded", you cannot continue to initiate a refund.

3. The payment status for orders with a "Refunded" status cannot be edited.



Updating Order Shipment Status

SHOPLINE currently provides an option to ship a single unshipped item within an order's details. For instance, if you use your own delivery courier, you can manually update the order's shipping status. 

From your SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Orders] and click on an order you want to update the shipping status. On the details page, you can update the status by selecting Mark as shipped.

Processing orders 6.png


Cancelling An Order

You can cancel an order from your SHOPLINE admin and once an order is cancelled, the customer will receive an email notification.

From your SHOPLINE Admin, proceed to [Orders] and find the order that needs to be cancelled. Click the More options (three dots) icon > Cancel shipment to cancel the shipment

Processing orders 7.png


Adding Tracking Numbers To Orders

You can allocate tracking numbers to orders, allowing your customers to receive real-time updates about their purchases on the carrier's website and manually assign a tracking number by updating it.

To add a tracking number to an order, you need to go to [Orders] from the SHOPLINE Admin panel and find the order you want to assign the tracking number. Click on Add Tracking Information.


Processing orders 8.png

After adding the tracking information, you need to click Update to save the changes.



Adding Tracking Numbers To Multiple Orders

You can assign tracking numbers to multiple orders using the [Update tracking number] button and edit or update the relevant information, including the tracking number for shipped packages, within the exported table before uploading it again.

At the SHOPLINE Admin panel, go to [Orders] > [Update tracking numbers]

Processing orders 9.png


A small window will pop up where merchants can export the order list as well as upload files to modify the logistics tracking number. Choose "Export shipped orders" to download the order list.

Processing orders 10.png

After that, the "Export shipped orders"  window will automatically pop up. Merchants can first select the export range and click on the Export button to start downloading.

Processing orders 11.png


Open the exported orders list and start modifying/adding the tracking numbers for the orders. Then, open the "Update order tracking numbers" window again and re-upload the CSV file. Choose Import to start updating the tracking numbers for multiple orders.

Processing orders 12.png


Order Refund

In SHOPLINE, customers have the option to request either a full or partial refund from the store. However, to initiate a refund, merchants must log in to their SHOPLINE account and designate an order for a refund to commence the refund process.

From your SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Orders] and find the order that you want to refund. Click on Refund and enter the refund amount. 

Processing orders 13.png

For a Partial refund, you can enter the amount you want to refund. The customer will receive a notification about the changed order status in their inbox.


If you issue a refund using SHOPLINE payment, Paypal, or Stripe, your store will automatically reflect the refunded status for the respective order on your Order detail page.



Order Return

You can create a return order from an existing order that has been fulfilled and has not yet been refunded by going to [Orders] from the SHOPLINE Admin panel and finding the orders that you want to refund. Then, click on the Return button on the order details page and fill in the return information. Choose Save to finish the return process.

Processing orders 14.png


Order Archive

Besides refunding and cancelling an order, you can also Archive the orders from your store. So, the information about this order will be removed from your SHOPLINE order details page.

From your SHOPLINE Admin panel, navigate to [Orders] and select the orders you wish to archive by ticking on the box in front of each. Then, choose "More operation" > Archive orders and the system will automatically assist you in archiving the selected orders. 


Processing orders 15.png


If you wish to retrieve your archived orders, you can restore them. Go to Orders > More filter > Select the orders you want to unarchive > More operations > Cancel archiving orders.



Get in touch

SHOPLINE has a specialized Merchant Success Team available to assist you with any questions or issues. Please feel free to contact us via the chatbox in the lower right corner of your SHOPLINE admin panel or on the SHOPLINE official website. We are always here to support you every step of the way and help your business thrive.



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