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Recovering Abandoned Checkouts


Your customers may select products and proceed to the checkout page, but never complete the payment for different reasons. These customers have shown interest in your products, so you don’t want to miss the great opportunities. With the abandoned checkout recovery feature from SHOPLINE, you can invite them to return to the checkout page again and complete the payment by sending recovery emails. It helps you make contact with these customers, saves time for both you and your customers, and improves your store's conversion rate.


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Sending Abandoned Checkout Recovery Emails Manually

You can manually send customers recovery emails with links to their abandoned checkouts. This helps customers quickly complete their payments. If you haven’t configured the advanced settings for abandoned checkout recovery (see the next section), you may need to send emails manually.

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Orders > Abandoned Checkouts. In this page, a list of abandoned checkouts is provided. You can filter checkouts by fields such as Send status and Recovery status. You can also view the abandoned checkout details, including the customer information, recovery status, and the number of emails sent.

  2. Send recovery emails in the following ways. 
  • To send a recovery email to a specific customer who abandoned their checkout, click the Send email button from the Actions column, and the recovery email generated with the email template will be sent directly.
  • If you want to customize the email to be sent, you can click the ID of the target abandoned checkout. On the abandoned checkout details page, click Send a recovery email in the Send this URL to the customer so they can complete their order easily section to start the email editor pop-up window. The email body is pre-populated with the content from the recovery email template. You can modify the content and then click the Send button to send the recovery email.
  • To send recovery emails in bulk to multiple customers who abandoned checkouts, you can select the target abandoned checkouts and click the Batch send emails button. The button appears only when multiple abandoned checkouts are selected.
  • Recovering abandoned checkouts requires the customers’ email addresses. Emails can’t be sent to customers who have not provided a contact email address.
  • SHOPLINE only keeps a record of abandoned checkouts for the past 180 days; abandoned checkouts created more than 180 days ago will be cleared and no longer appear in the list.
  • You can send a maximum of 100 recovery emails at a time.



Sending Abandoned Checkout Recovery Emails Automatically

Important: The automatic recovery email-sending feature has been migrated to SmartPush. With its powerful marketing capabilities, comprehensive data reporting, and highly customizable email templates, the SmartPush App aims to provide you with better services. For more details, please refer to the SmartPush Abandoned Checkout Recovery documentation. You will be prompted to upgrade to Smartpush. Once enabled, the Abandoned checkout recovery function in the admin panel is automatically terminated and can’t be enabled again.

You can enable the automatic email-sending feature to let the system send the recovery emails on your behalf, saving you time and increasing the success rate of the recovery. You can customize the content of the recovery email and settings such as recipients and the sending delay.

To configure this feature, follow these steps:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Settings > Notifications.

  2. In the Customer email notification section, find Abandoned checkout recovery and click Advanced settings.

  3. In the settings page, configure the following:

  • Enable Send abandoned checkout email reminders automatically and the system will automatically send emails to customers.

  • After enabling Send abandoned checkout email reminders automatically, you need to set the Email recipients. Currently, Abandoned checkout email subscribers and All abandoned checkout customers are available options.

  • Edit the default template, or click Add a template to create templates for the recovery emails, set the sending delay, and include relevant discount codes.
    The template will be automatically enabled once it is added.

    • Click Send settings to modify the email sending settings.
    • Click Change template to open the template editing page. You can customize a dedicated template by adding your brand logo and editing email content like the email body, fonts, and buttons. Once finished, click Update to save your edits.
  • Once the customer enters the checkout page, the system automatically creates an abandoned checkout record. The customer may not provide the contact information at the moment. If the sending delay is too short, the system may not be able to send the recovery email because the complete customer information (such as the email address) is not obtained. Therefore, it is recommended to set the delay to at least 5 minutes. 
  • Updated email templates take effect after approval. During the approval process, the recovery emails sent are applied with the original templates.  The approval is usually done in real time and takes no more than 2 working days. Please contact us if your updated templates haven’t been approved.



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