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Personal Bonus

You can set personal bonuses for store affiliates within Affiliate Marketing. This helps them achieve their specific bonus targets, which could be based on order amount, an order's selling price, orders, or transaction fee.

Once configured, the system will analyze the orders within this cycle, identify affiliates who have met the bonus targets on the next billing date and issue bonuses accordingly.

This article will explain how to set and modify personal bonuses.


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Setting Personal Bonus

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  1. Entry: go to Affiliate Marketing > Coupons & Reward > Person & team bonuses.
  2. Enable/Disable Affiliates' personal bonus:
    • Once enabled, you can set rules for the affiliate's personal bonus.
    • Once disabled, the Affiliate Marketing System stops issuing bonuses.
  3. Bonus rules
    • Once enabling Affiliate's personal bonus, you need to set bonus rules. Then the Affiliate Marketing System calculates and issues bonuses based on these rules.
  4. Bonus calculation settings: you can set the order calculation range for calculating the personal bonus.
    • All referral orders: All orders brought in by the affiliate, including the affiliate's self-purchases and orders placed by customers through the affiliate's links or discount codes.
    • Only self purchase orders: Referral orders generated by the affiliate's self-purchases, including those made through their sharing links, self-purchase links, or with discount codes.

      Note: Multi-level referral orders are not included regardless of the calculation range. Orders placed by customers through sub-affiliates' links or discount codes are not counted for the primary affiliate's transaction fee.
  5. Bonus target: After setting the Order calculation range, you can set how bonus targets should be calculated with the following four methods:
    • Based on order amount (recommended): Calculated based on the total value of these orders. You can view the order amount on the order page.
    • Based on product retail price: Calculated based on the selling price of each product in these orders.
    • Based on number of referral orders: Calculated based on the quantity of orders.
    • Based on commissions: Calculated based on the corresponding transaction fee for each order.
  6. Bonus type: You can set the bonus type to issue bonuses by percentage or with a fixed amount. For example, if you want your affiliates to enjoy up to five types of bonuses, you can set up to 5 bonus tiers. of bonus.
    • Percentage: When affiliates reach specific targets, the system issues the bonus based on a percentage of the achieved amount. If you set the Target type as Based on number of referral orders, the system only issues a fixed amount of bonus.
    • Fixed amount: When affiliates reach specific targets, they receive a fixed amount of bonus.
  7. Period: You can set whether to issue bonuses One-time or Monthly. Once set, the system calculates and issues bonuses accordingly on the next billing date.
    • One-time: The system issues bonuses only once on the next billing date.  
    • Monthly: The system calculates bonuses in the current billing cycle on every billing date.



Modifying Personal Bonus

On the same page, you can edit your bonus settings at any time. Once edited, the system issues bonuses based on your updated settings on the next billing date.

On each billing date, the system calculates affiliates' personal bonuses only based on the most recent rules.

  • You can modify and update the bonus distribution period at any time.
  • If you want to consecutively issue One-time bonuses, you also need to update the period. You should first switch to Monthly, click Update, then switch back to One-time, and click Update again. On the next billing date, the system issues the one-time bonus based on your updated settings.



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