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Streamline Customer Management with "Member System"  


The Member management section of the Member System app empowers you to efficiently manage your customers.  With its powerful features, you can easily view, modify, and manage all aspects of your customer data, including basic information, orders, points/rewards, and more. 

This article guides you through understanding the general functions of this section, helping you leverage various tools to optimize your customer management.


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Customer Dashboard Overview

This section provides an overview of the customer management dashboard, your central hub for viewing and managing all your customers.


Accessing the Dashboard

  1. Go to Apps > Member System in your SHOPLINE admin panel. Install the app if you haven’t already.

  2. Click Member management in the left menu to access the page.


Viewing the Dashboard

The dashboard displays a list of your customers and provides the following information for each:

  • Name: Customer's name
  • Membership: Customer's status (member or non-member)
  • Membership levels: Customer's membership tier
  • Orders: Number of orders placed by the customer
  • Amount spent: Customer’s total purchase amount
  • Store credits: Current store credit balance of the customer
  • Gift card: Total balance of all gift cards owned by the customer
  • Points: Customer's current points balance
  • Invitations: Number of customers successfully invited by the customer


Managing Customer Data

In addition to viewing customer information, you can utilize the following features to manage your customer data:

  • Sorting Customers: Sort the customer by Points or Invitations using the corresponding sort icons in the header. (Only one sorting criteria can be applied at a time.)

  • Searching for Customers: Enter a username, email, or phone number in the search bar and click the search icon to find specific customers.

  • Filtering Customers: Switch between All, Member, and Non-member tabs to view respective customer lists. You can also filter by Member levels.

  • Batch Operations: Select multiple customers or all customers at once to perform actions like importing/exporting data or modifying points, credits, and membership levels.

    Note: For detailed instructions on importing/exporting customer data, refer to the "Member System - Customer Import & Export" guide.

  • Viewing Invitee Details: Click the invitations number to see information about the invited customers. (No list appears if the value is zero.)



Exploring the Customer Details Page

Beyond the centralized dashboard, the Customer management section allows access to detailed individual profiles.


Accessing Individual Customer Profiles

  1. In the Member System app, go to Customer management in the left menu.

  2. Locate the specific customer using search or filtering features, if necessary, and click on the customer to access their details.


Understanding Management Modules

This page features various modules for managing different aspects of your customer relationship.


Credit and Points Summary

The top section displays the customer's store credits, points, and gift card balances. Here, you can manually adjust store credits and points.

  • Store credits: Click Edit to modify the balance to a specific amount, or to add or reduce it based on the existing amount. Additionally, you can click the copy icon to copy and send the member card number to the customer and/or click the reset icon to reset the member card number.

  • Points: Click Edit to manually modify the customer’s points to a specific amount, or to add or reduce it based on the existing amount. Also, you can leave a remark visible only to internal staff and add a note that customers will see in the point history records on their member page.

    • The notes left in the Remark box of the "Store credit balance" window will be visible to customers in the history records on their member page.

    • The notes left in the Add a note for the customer box of the "Edit points" window will be visible to customers in the history records on their member page.

Member Information Records

This module tracks changes in member information, including points, levels, referrals, rewards, store credits, and gift cards.


Customer Order Tracking

This module presents the customer’s order details, including an overview and the five most recent orders. You can click Last order to view the most recent order in detail, any of the latest five orders to access their details, or All orders to review all orders placed by the customer.


Basic Information

This module displays basic customer details such as name, membership status, contact information, and enrollment time.


Membership Level 

This module shows the customer’s membership tier, enrollment time, and expiration time. You can click Edit to manually change the membership level.


Recommended for Purchase 

If the Referral feature is enabled, this module will appear, displaying the number of successful invitations, the invitation link, and referral code. You can click on the number of invitations to view the invitee list and access their details.


By utilizing the features described above, you can effectively manage various aspects of your customer information directly from the individual customer details page.

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