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OneShip Overview

OneShip is a web-based shipping solution for E-Commerce merchants to manage shipments, book couriers, track parcels, and collect COD payments on one platform.

With OneShip, you will be able to sync and manage your orders from different platforms from one panel.

Save time with bulk management functions that allow you to upload, process, and print labels for up to 5000 orders.

Streamline the tracking process for all orders, regardless of logistic service, by seamlessly tracking the full journey of each order.

Learn how you can set up OneShip for your online store.

SHOPLINE's Courier Partners


Cross Border


Rates: $3.80 for first 3KG (Before GST)

Janio (To Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam)

Rates: From $4.20 (Before GST)

J&T Express

Rates: $3 for first 1KG (Before GST)

J&T Express to Malaysia

Rates: From $5.49 (Before GST)


Rates: $3.46 for first 5KG (Before GST)


Singapore Post

Rates: $5.80 for first 5KG (Before GST)

Singapore Post

Rates: From $19.50 (Before GST)


Shipping rates and terms and conditions can be found here for all courier partners.





How can I top-up and what are the payment methods available?

Head to your Oneship admin panel and click on the credit card icon to top-up, select the required amount that you want, and make the payment online. There are 2 main payment methods available, Paynow and credit card.


Do I have to print out the air waybill/shipping label?

Yes, please print out your airwaybill and attach it to your parcel before dropping it off or handing it over to our courier partners during collection.


How do I pack my order? Is there any packaging material provided?

OneShip accepts any type of packaging material for all listed courier partners. We would, however, recommend you to package the parcel in a safe manner with adequate protection. This includes, but not limited to, the usage of bubblewrap, wrapping paper or foam packing peanuts.

If you do not have any packaging, OneShip does provide sales of poly mailers.


After I have processed the order in OneShip, do I need to update the Shopline order?

OneShip is fully integrated with Shopline's back-end system. Upon processing your orders on OneShip, our system will seamlessly update the orders' status to "fulfilled" with the corresponding tracking reference number, maintaining data entry accuracy while reducing administrative hours.


How do I determine the delivery fee that I will have to pay?

Based on the different courier providers, the delivery fee that you see when executing the shipment is based on the weight that you have keyed in and the deduction of the fee will be automatic. The fee difference will also be automatically deducted if there is a discrepancy in the fee due to weight difference upon receiving the parcel by our courier partners.

You will also be able to use the Shipping Fee Estimation feature to obtain an estimated fee prior to processing the order.


If I encounter any shipping/logistic issue(s), who do I look for?

OneShip makes it easy for you by consolidating all services and features into 1 single dashboard. This includes all shipping-related requests/issues like booking, pick up and/or tracking. When you book with OneShip’s partnered couriers solutions, you can seek assistance from our in-house representative. The available channels for communication are in-app live chat or email


What is the address book and how does it work?

The Address book is where your commonly used addresses are stored. You can reuse your addresses as many times as you like so you don’t have to keep typing in the same addresses every time. You can choose those addresses when creating shipments to save time and avoid typing errors.


What is OneClub Plus/Pro and how to subscribe it?

OneClub Plus and OneClub Pro are the premium versions of OneShip, and we provide multiple integrations, customizations, notifications, etc. To compare the rates and available features, simply go to your OneShip admin panel > Account > Subscription > Click [Purchase plan].



Get in touch

SHOPLINE has a specialized Merchant Success Team available to assist you with any questions or issues. Please feel free to contact us via the chatbox in the lower right corner of your SHOPLINE admin panel or on the SHOPLINE official website. We are always here to support you every step of the way and help your business thrive.



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