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Connecting to Instagram Message

From your SHOPLINE admin panel, you can connect the store to your Instagram account. Once it is connected successfully, you can send messages to and receive messages from Instagram through the Message Center. The Message Center features allow you to select products and send them to customers, create orders for customers, etc., thus improving communication efficiency and accelerating orders.


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Connect to Instagram

Before connection, ensure you have the following information:

  • Facebook personal account required for connection.
  • Facebook fanpage: This page belongs to your account and full control is required. The Instagram account to be connected is a professional account and is bound to the Facebook fanpage. For help, please refer to Add or remove an Instagram account from your Page.

Connection Steps

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Channels > Facebook. Go to Community marketing and click Setup.


  1. Go to the Instagram account section and click Link now to connect your Instagram account.

  2. Log in using a Facebook account authorized by the administrator for the Facebook page you are connecting with. Select the Instagram business account and Facebook page you are going to connect with, and then click Next.
  3. Grant all permissions by ticking all the boxes and then click Done. After connecting the Facebook page and Instagram account, you can proceed to set up for live shopping. Please refer to Live Shopping for more details.



Managing Orders from Instagram in Message Center

Once the connection is completed, your Instagram business account has been connected successfully. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, you can click Channels > Messages > View messages button in the upper right corner to go to the Message Center. From your Message Center panel, select the Instagram icon, and you can see all the messages from your linked Instagram account and reply to your customers.


  • Under the Profile tab on the right side of the Message Center, you can manage your customer's profile.
  • Under the order tab on the right side of the Message Center, you can create or edit orders for your customers.


Below are the steps to create order in Message Center: 

  1. On the right of the page of chat with a customer, click Order > + New order.
  2. Under the Product page, click Add items to add what the customer wants.
  3. Edit the customer's shipping and billing addresses.
  4. Set up payment.
  5. Optionally add order remarks and order tags, which help you track the customer's requirements and identify different customer segments.





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