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Setting up Your Store’s Locations


Locations are places where you make sales, fulfill orders, and/or manage inventory. They can be your online and retail stores, warehouses, or any other place where you manage or stock inventory.

If you plan to start in-store pickup or local delivery services, you need to set up a location to provide local customers with these services. You have the option to set up multiple locations to help you better manage your businesses, including but not limited to specifying which inventory locations or products support pickup services. Only when locations that support in-store pickup are set up can local customers place orders and choose to pick up in-store.

If you have multiple warehouses, you also need to create multiple locations for inventory management.


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Adding a Location

To add a location, follow the steps below:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Settings > Location.
  2. In the Location management section, click Add a location.
  3. Enter the required location information in each input box, and click Add once finished.



Disabling/Updating a Location

In the Location management section, clicking on a location brings you to the location details page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you can see the Disable and Update buttons. Deactivate or update the location at any time as needed.

When you disable a location, you are prompted to choose a new location to take over the business from the current location.


Note: Before disabling, ensure that the inventory at this location and orders assigned to this location that haven’t been fulfilled are processed properly, or the deactivation may fail.



Reactivating a Location

You can reactivate a disabled location. After reactivation, you can resume shipping from this location. In the Location management section, clicking on a disabled location brings you to the location details page. Click Reactivate at the bottom of the page to reactivate it.




Deleting a Location

If you no longer want to sell, ship, or store inventory from a location, you can permanently delete that location.

In the Location management section, clicking on a location that you want to delete brings you to the location details page. Click Delete location at the bottom of the page, and click Delete in the pop-up window to confirm the deletion.


Note: A deleted location can’t be restored.



Managing Inventory for Multiple Locations

You can effectively manage inventory for multiple locations in two portals: the Inventory module and the product details page. For more information, please refer to Managing Inventory.

The Inventory Module

From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to the Products > Inventory module.
If you have set up multiple locations, the location selector in the upper right corner displays activated locations. Select a location to view and manage the products’ inventory level in that inventory location.

Note: When you switch to a location, the inventory list displays products that have been allocated to that location. If the location is not selected for a product in the product details page, this product won’t be visible in the inventory of that location.


The Product Details Page

To update or specify the inventory quantity of a product for a location, you can also go to the Products module and select the product to enter the product details page. Scroll down to the Inventory section and click Edit locations to enable the locations you want to manage inventory. Then update the inventory for the locations in the table.

For products with variants, select the variants you want to update their inventory in the SKU list, and click the Modify the inventory button to modify the data. Remember to click Update when you finish editing to ensure your edits take effect.

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