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Verifying Your Customer Service Email Domain


A customer service email serves as a direct communication channel for customers to contact you with inquiries or concerns. It is also used to send automatic order notifications, providing customers with important updates about their purchases. Verifying the domain associated with your customer service email can enhance the credibility of your emails and improve deliverability, ensuring important messages reach your customers' inboxes.


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Domain Verification

If you have configured a customer service email without verifying its domain, SHOPLINE defaults to using proxy mode for sending emails. However, major overseas email service providers, like Google, are increasingly strict about proxy mode email sending. This method carries a risk of emails being blocked or flagged as spam by the email service provider, resulting in delivery problems. To ensure optimal email delivery, we highly recommend setting up the customer service email with a custom domain suffix and verifying the domain. Verifying the email domain offers the following benefits:

  • The email delivery rate can be improved to over 98%, while the probability of emails being marked as spam and ending up in the junk folder decreases.
  • User experience is even better as images are automatically loaded in email recipients' clients such as Gmail, without needing to ask the recipient each time whether to display images.
  • Your brand domain information can be displayed at the email header sender, making the emails more credible and professional.


Below is a comparison of the effects between an unverified domain and a verified one:

  • Unverified Customer Service Email: When a customer receives an email, it displays "sent via shoplineemail.com" along with a risk warning.

  • Verified Customer Service Email: The customer service email address is displayed as the sender’s address in emails received by the customer.



How to Verify Your Email Domain


Configuring Customer Service Email

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Settings > Basic Settings and go to Basic store information > Customer service email.

  2. Enter your email address in the input box, then click send code to get the verification code sent to your email. Enter the code in the provided box for verification.

  3. Click Update to save your changes. Once the verification code is confirmed, the email is successfully validated.


Verifying Domain

  1. Under Customer service email, click Configure email to go to the details page.

  2. On this page, you’ll see three CNAME records under the Domain status section. You need to go to the admin panel of the domain hosting platform (e.g., GoDaddy) to add records.

  3. Log in to your domain hosting platform for processing.

  4. On your domain hosting platform, add the three CNAME records to the domain resolution.
    Note: Please refer to the articles below on domain resolution for different domain hosting platforms.
  1. After adding these three records, go back to the customer service email configuration page in your SHOPLINE admin panel, and click Verify domain again to verify the domain.

  2. After verification, you can observe that the domain status is marked as Verified. If the domain is not verified, you are required to perform the following operations:
    • Check if there are multiple record values ​​at the DNS provider, and remove irrelevant records.
    • Confirm that the record values are consistent with that provided by your SHOPLINE admin panel.
    • Wait for DNS resolution to take effect, which usually takes about five minutes.
Note: SHOPLINE does not support domain verification of public emails such as email accounts of 163.com, Gmail, and QQ Mail.




  1. Why does verification fail?
    There are two main reasons:
    • Missing MX record value resolution: Check your DNS provider's DNS settings to ensure MX records are configured. If your corporate email is purchased from a third-party provider, obtain the resolution method from them.
    • Domain suffix mismatch: Ensure the store has bound the custom domain and the customer service email's suffix matches it.


  1. Can one domain email be bound to multiple stores?
    It is not recommended to bind multiple stores to one domain email, as it may cause conflicts and affect email delivery rates.

    You can generate a subdomain for your domain and then configure it to a new store.

    For example, if you have two stores, one store is bound to the domain of example.com and uses the customer service email of service@example.com while the other is bound to the domain of tw.example.com and uses the customer service email of service@tw.example.com.
    Note: For the binding process of a subdomain, you can refer to the Binding Your Domain to SHOPLINE.
  1. When the store changes to another brand email with a domain, is re-verification required?Yes. When your store switches to another brand email or corporate email with a domain, you need to re-verify it. However, if you still use the original verified email address after modification, re-verification is not required.


  1. Why does it still display "sent via emailshopline.com" after successfully verifying the domain?
    It may take 5-30 minutes after successful domain verification for emails to display as sent by the brand email.


  1. Why does an email sent to a QQ Mail account display "sent via emailshopline.com"?
    Emails received in QQ Mail accounts are typically displayed this way. For overseas recipients, the brand email's domain is usually shown as the sender's email domain.


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