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Solution to Facebook Binding Failure

FB Fan Page & Instagram Account Linking FAQ

1. Question prompt: You do not have full control over the fan homepage, please go to the BM platform to enable the permission and then reconnect

You need to configure the full control of the fan page for the connected facebook personal account in order to connect successfully. Please configure the permissions according to the following process


A. Enter facebook business management platform:


B. Find the merchant platform to which the fan page you want to connect to; click the public homepage to find him; click the user to find the facebook personal account you connect to; click the more button to configure full control for the account




2. Question prompt: The same home page cannot be bound repeatedly

We limit a fan page to be bound to only one store, please cancel the original store binding relationship, and then bind it again.

If you do not remember which store you are bound to, please cancel the binding relationship according to the following process.


A. Log in to facebook and enter the settings page



B. Find [Business Integration Tools] on the left menu


C. Select [Messenger by SHOPLINE] in [Business Integration Tools], check it and remove it



3. Question prompt: Please confirm that the administrator of the selected fan page and the administrator of the historically connected page are the same person

We limit multiple fan pages associated with the same store, which need to belong to the same facebook personal account.


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