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Multi-platform Store Migration

1.Shopify Migration

2.LightSpeed migration


1.Shopify migration

SHOPLINE supports merchants to migrate store data from other platforms (i.e: Shopify) to SHOPLINE, and keep the data unified for Google advertising channels to avoid loss of advertising effects.

Step 1: Grant access from Shopify panel

Before you proceed to migrate store data, you would need to grant access from your Shopify account, and copy relevant API secret key.

In your Shopify account, to [apps] > [develop apps]



Enter the create customize apps interface, fill in [app name] based on your preference > [create app]





After you get the app ready, you would need to set up the API access for the app. Click [setup admin api] 



Grant all access > [save]



To [API Credentials] > Click [install app]



Here you would find the [API access token] and [API key], copy the data for the migration use later. 

Step 2: Migrate data(Attention! Attention! Attention! Please check the relocation items below before moving!)

In SHOPLINE admin panel, to [Apps] > [App store] > [Store management] > [Shopify Store One-click relocation] > Click [Use now] to download the migration tool



Click [Authorize and install]



3. Fill in the info > [Next Step]



  • Migrate the store domain name: fill in shop handle (i.e: the website of your store is: xxx.myshopify.com, you will then fill in xxx in this column)
  • API key (APIKey): Content from you copied earlier in your Shopify account > [API key]
  • Key Password (Pass Word): Content from you copied earlier in your Shopify account > [Admin API access token]

4. You will get to choose which data you would like to migrate from your Shopify account:




5. In [advanced setting], you would need to complete the setup according to the settings you set in your Shopify account:



6. Click [start migrate] to start the migration.



7. After the system get all the data migrated to your SHOPLINE account, you may continue to proceed other setups such as in SHOPLINE admin panel to complete store setup.


Frequent Asked Question: 

  • Which country-based stores support having migration proceed?

England, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Czechia, Norway, USA, Canada

  • How can I confirm the settings in [Advanced settings]?



Clarify which method you used for data synchronization: Via Google Channel or Feed for google shipping Apps in Shopify. If it's via Google Channel, choose [Shopify Global Format] ; If it's via Feed for google shipping Apps in Shopify, you will first need to confirm in which method the app use in your Shopify account > [Apps Management] and choose accordingly.




  • Will the data be overwritten if I migrate the data repeatedly?  

Yes. For example: If you migrate the data of product A to SHOPLINE > Edit product A in SHOPLINE admin panel > Migrate again > System will then overwrite the edited records you perform in SHOPLINE admin panel, and import the data set in Shopify.

  • Can my customers from Shopify use the same info to login to their member account directly in my SHOPLINE store after the migration?

No. Even though customers' data has been migrated to your SHOPLINE admin, customers will still be required to activate their account only they would be able to login.

You could send out the activation notification in SHOPLINE admin panel > [Settings] > [Notifications] > [Customer] > [Customer Invitation]


  • Will Existing customers be able to login directly via phone number?

Yes. After you send out the activation email, you may enable login via phone number in SHOPLINE admin panel > [Settings] > [Customers]. 



  • How will the Shipping fee settings migrate to SHOPLINE admin panel? 

SHOPLINE only supports having the shipping fee set for ALL products be migrated. Sytem would not proceed to migrate the shipping fee settings data migrate over, IF your Shopify account come with a shipping fee sets for particular products. 

  • Will the product category data migrate too? 

Yes. System will migrate the product based on the sorting you set in Shopify. Please be noted that the sorting may differ IF products are set under same sorting rules, also with same condition.

For example Product A and Product B have been sorted in a category based on price (From low to high), but both products are set at same price. Hence the sorting in your Shopify store might be A > B, but in SHOPLINE will be B > A 

  • Why does the number of customers in SHOPLINE admin panel differ from the data display during migration? 

This is due to the data are non-real-time, it takes time for system to synchronize the data to your SHOPLINE admin panel after migration. The data might be delayed up to 1.5 hours.


2. LightSpeed  Migration 

  1. Install the app One-Click Store Migration

Install the app One-Click Store Migration before completing store setup.

In SHOPLINE admin panel, click [Apps] > [App Market] > [One-Click Store Migration].


  1. Enter the app One-Click Store Migration and fill in LightSpeed store information. 


2.1 Fill in the store domain corresponding to the domain name address in the LightSpeed backend.


2.2 Obtain the API token from [Settings] > [Personal Token] > [Add personal token].




3. Then click [Next] to access [Select the migration module]. You can choose to migrate [Customer], [Product], and [Order] data. Once you have made your selections, you can click [Start Migration] to start the data migration.



4. Data migration may take some time. Please be patient as the required time may vary depending on your store’s data size. After the migration is complete, you can check the migration results from the application.

5. During the migration process, you can choose to interrupt the migration, for example, if there are setting errors or if you temporarily don't want to migrate certain data.


6. There may be cases where the migration results fail, such as timeouts or mismatched data formats. In some situations, clicking on [Retry Migration] can resolve the issue. If there are problems that cannot be resolved through retrying, please provide feedback to the store operator for further assistance.

For example, see the image below:

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