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Guide to Wishlist

The Wishlist plugin allows customers to favorite desired products or subscribe for back-in-stock notifications when items are out of stock. This functionality encourages future purchases by sending relevant email alerts, ultimately boosting order conversion.


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Feature Overview

Go to SHOPLINE App Store to install Wishlist to your admin panel.

After installing, you will be directed to the appearance settings page to configure the wishlist feature. Customize its display in the header, product list pages, and product detail pages according to your needs. Learn more.

Once configured, you will access the Overview page, where you can view various data and settings in the top bar, including overview wishlist dashboard, Best seller data, Back-in-stock analytics, and more.

Visit the Email notifications tab to tailor how your customers receive relevant notifications that promote order conversion. Learn more.


  1. When designing your store, please do not delete the Wishlist (DO NOT DELETE) page, otherwise customers will not be able to use the Wishlist feature properly, and the Wishlist page can’t be restored after deletion.
  2. The Wishlist page name presented to customers is “Wishlist”, “(DO NOT DELETE)” will not be displayed.




Back-in-Stock Notification Content Setting

Go to Email notification > Back-in-stock notification section > hover to Back-in-stock notification and click Edit. You can then start customizing the Back-in-stock notification email content from email subject, button, to email text.  Learn more.

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