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Facebook Account Settings (Definition, Creation Flow, Asset Authorization, and FAQs)


This article provides an overview of Facebook personal accounts, including their definition and creation process. It aims to help readers understand the functions and benefits of personal accounts on Facebook, particularly in the context of e-commerce. Personal accounts on Facebook offer numerous opportunities and functionalities for both merchants and customers in the e-commerce sector.


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Introduction to Facebook Accounts

Facebook accounts are individual user profiles created on the Facebook platform, serving as the foundation for personal identity and social interactions. 

In e-commerce, they facilitate communication and interaction between merchants and customers. Leveraging Facebook's social features, advertising tools, and interactive capabilities, merchants can enhance brand visibility, reach new customers, and build stronger relationships with their audience, ultimately driving sales and business growth. Additionally, various marketing assets on the Facebook platform, including Business Manager, Pixel, Catalog, and Fanpage, necessitate a Facebook account as a prerequisite. 



Facebook Account Creation

You can perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Facebook and click Create new account.
  2. Enter your name, email address/mobile phone number, new password, date of birth, and gender. Click Sign Up.
  3. Verify via email/mobile phone number.
  4. You will receive an email/SMS containing the verification code. Fill in the code in the verification box and click OK.
  5. Registration is successful.
Notes: Newly created Facebook accounts are not stable and may be subject to review and potential blocking by Facebook's mechanisms. Therefore, it's advisable not to use these accounts for advertising or other business operations immediately after creation. Additionally, avoid frequent IP switching to maintain account stability.



Asset Authorization

For the Facebook personal account authorization, please refer to Facebook Business Extension, which integrates the Business Manager (BM), Facebook Pages, Facebook business advertising accounts, Facebook pixels, Instagram business accounts, and product information. Through the completed flow, a one-time authorization is achieved, enhancing operational efficiency.




  1. How Do I Enable Two-factor Authentication?
    Two-factor authentication is a security feature that provides additional protection for your Facebook account on top of password protection. For details, refer to the Official Operation Guide.

  2. I Can't Log in to My Facebook Personal Account on my PC But Can Do It on My Mobile Phone. What Should I Do?
    If you can’t log in with your email address or phone number, fill in this form to report that you can’t log into your Facebook personal account.

  3. What Should I Do If My Facebook Account Is Blocked?
    If your personal account is blocked, you can click the appeal link to initiate an appeal.

  4. What Should I Do If I Can't Log in My Facebook Personal Account with My Phone Number?
    It is recommended to set a preferred email address on the device that can be used for login (such as a mobile terminal) and use the email address for login.

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