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Creating Supplemental Google Feed to Meet Advertising Needs



Supplemental Google Feed refers to an additional data source used in Google Merchant Center to provide additional product information to enhance advertising display and promotional effectiveness. It can contain supplemental fields and attributes to supplement basic information in the primary product Feed.


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Supplemental Feed Introduction

Supplemental Google Feed is a supplemental data source used to provide more details that may be missing from the primary Feed or update existing details (such as required or optional attributes) of the products. A supplemental Feed can't be used to add or remove products or be used as a standalone Feed.

You can define Feed rules and supplemental Feeds for multi-customer accounts, and apply them to all or some of the associated sub-accounts. If you have chosen to override the rules and supplemental Feed data from the sub-accounts, you will not be able to link the supplemental Feed (added at the sub-account level) to any primary feeds. Learn more about how to set up supplemental Feeds for multi-customer accounts.

Go to the GMC Help Center for more information about Supplemental Feed Details.



Supplemental Feed Creation Guide

To create a Supplemental Feed, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Merchant Center account, and click the Products drop-down menu from the left navigation panel.
  2. Click Feed > Add supplemental feed at the top of the supplemental feeds table.
  3. Follow the instructions and provide the following information:

Supplemental Feed name: Enter a descriptive name that helps you identify the supplemental feed. The supplemental Feed name doesn't need to match the name of the file you submit.

  • Input method: Select the one that fits your needs best:
    • Google Sheets: You can upload your data using a generated Google Sheets template, or with an existing Google Sheet with your product data. Learn more about how to Set up Your Product Data in Google Sheets.
    • Scheduled fetch: Google can fetch your Feed directly from your server.
    • Upload: Upload files directly to Merchant Center using SFTP, Google Cloud Storage, or manually.
  • File name: Depending on what input method you select, you may be prompted to enter the name of the file you'll be submitting. This name should exactly match the name of the file you created and include a valid extension.
  • Linking to primary Feed: Select any primary Feed and target country (region) or language combination to which the supplemental feed belongs.
  • Fetch schedule: Set a scheduled fetch for your product data. This lets Merchant Center get fresh Feeds automatically without you needing to manually upload your data.
  1. Enter GMC Content API settings, and select Priority access to supplemental feed.
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