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Product Review | Review Collection Page


The review collection pages allow you to curate high-quality reviews and select specific ones to display to customers. These chosen reviews can be showcased on a dedicated page or module, which can be added to the main menu or a specified page within your store.

For more information about the Product Review plugin, click here.


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Adding Review Collection Pages

If you haven’t installed the Product Review App, go to SHOPLINE App Store and install it first.

Setup Process

  1. Open Product Review from your SHOPLINE App Store.
  2. Click Review display > Review collections section.
    1-1-2 Review Collection portal.png

  3. In the Review collections section, turn on the Enable review collection page toggle.
    1-1-3 Enable review collection page.png

  4. If you want to display reviews for specific products on the review collection page, go to the Review Source section, choose Specific Products and select specific products.
    1-1-4 Reviews for Specific Products.png

  5. Choose one or more conditions from Conditions for collection page reviews to determine which reviews are going to be displayed on the review collection page. Please note that the conditions follow the logic of "AND."
    1-1-5 Conditions.png

  6. You can add the Review Collection Page to the Menu Navigation. Click on the Add Now  button next to Add review collection page to a navigation menu and select a navigation menu from the pop-up window.
    1-1-6 Add to Navigation menu.png

  7. Once finished, click Update in the upper right  corner.


Setup Instructions

  • You can select up to 1,000 products from the available range of items currently on the shelves.
  • Reviews that meet the specified conditions will be showcased on the Review Collection Page in chronologically reverse order. 
  • Select the primary menu, and the system will automatically append the Review Collection Page to this menu as its last item, naming it Customer Reviews by default.
    1-2-1 Navigation menu.png

  • You can also go to Online Store > Navigation to make adjustments, such as dragging the menu item to a preferred location and renaming it. SHOPLINE advises against modifying the URL to ensure uninterrupted access to the reviews. 
  • When the Enable review collection page toggle is turned off, a default page will be in place. If you do not wish to include the Review Collection Page in the menu, navigate to Online Store > Navigation to delete it.
  • If the Product Review App is uninstalled, the Review Collection Page will be automatically removed from the primary menu of your store.


Fixing Errors

  • In case of an error with the Review Collection Page, you can swiftly resolve it by clicking Click to Fix.
  • If a quick fix is not possible, click Click to Fix to navigate to the primary menu and re-add the Review Collection Page.
    1-3-1 Fix.png



Adding Review Collection Component

  1. With the Review Collection Page enabled, click the Go to theme editor button next to A "Review Collection Component" can be added via the theme editor to add the review collection component to your theme.
    2-1 Go to Theme editor.png

  1. From the respective page, select Evaluation collection. Once the Review Collection Component is added, you can adjust its location on the preview page.
    2-2 Component.png

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