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Google Ads Asset Introduction ( Google Account, GMC, MCC)

This article covers the following topics:

What is a Google account and how to create a Google account
What is a GMC and how to create a GMC
What is an MCC and how to create one


1. What is a Google account and how to create a Google account

What is a Google account

A Google Account is the primary account you use to sign in to Google and consists of a single email address and password. For Google advertising, most of your advertising asset creation and settings are related to Google account, so we recommend that you prepare your Google account first. For how to sign up a Gmail account, please reference to Create a Gmail account.


2. What is GMC and how to create GMC

What is GMC?

Google Merchant Center (hereinafter referred to as GMC) allows users to discover, browse and purchase products from advertisers, and also provides a variety of functions and reporting tools. With Google Merchant Center, you can provide Google with store and product information, making it accessible to shoppers across Google services. In other words, no matter what Google resource the user searches through, they can see the complete store information and product information.


When a user searches for a keyword, a product related to the keyword will appear, which is the Google product feed, and the feed is uploaded in the GMC background. When the user searches for the keyword, the system displays the advertiser's product according to the match. So as long as you want to launch Google Shopping Ads, you must apply for a GMC account, complete the account, and upload the feed.


For more details, please refer to: Google Help Center

How to create GMC?

Step 1 Make sure you have a Google account

If you do not have a Google account, please refer to Question 1 of this article: What is a Google account and how to create a Google account.

Step 2 Log in to GMC

Click the following URL https://www.google.com/retail/solutions/merchant-center/ Log in to GMC with your Google account

Step 3 Add basic information to complete account settings

Merchant Center intelligently tailors the onboarding experience for users. It suggests next steps for you and displays completed tasks. You can go to the Overview tab at any time to see remaining tasks.

Please add the following information to complete the GMC basic settings

Business information
customer checkout location
Choose a third-party platform
email receiving location
For more information, please refer to GMC Help Center - Getting Started Guide for Beginners


3. What is an MCC and how to create one

What is MCC?

MCC stands for Google Ads Manager Account, which is a powerful tool for managing multiple Google Ads accounts or smart campaign accounts. You can use your manager account to link multiple accounts so you can see them all in one place.

Manager accounts are great for third-party advertisers, such as agencies and professional marketers, or larger advertisers who manage multiple accounts.


How to create MCC?

Step 1 Enter the MCC creation page

Enter the MCC creation page through the following link, click "Create Manager Account": https://ads.google.com/intl/zh-CN_cn/home/tools/manager-accounts/


Step 2 Fill in the basic information

After filling in your basic information, click "Submit" and your MCC will be created successfully.

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