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Introduction to Google Advertising Assets


This article provides a foundational overview of key concepts in Google advertising, including Google Accounts, Google Merchant Center (GMC), and Google Ads Manager Accounts (MCCs). Understanding these assets is essential for effectively utilizing the Google Ads platform.

Additionally, it explains how to create and manage these accounts, outlining their relationships and functionalities. You’ll learn how to leverage them to organize and manage your advertising campaigns, ultimately improving the reach and effectiveness of your ad placements.


In This Article



Introduction to Google Accounts and Creation Guide

A Google Account is a unified login system that grants access to various Google services and products with a single credential. It plays a vital role in e-commerce:

  • Customers: Use Google Accounts to log in to websites, purchase products, and make payments.
  • Merchants: Use Google Ads, Google Analytics (GA4), Google Merchant Center (GMC), and Google Tag Manager (GTM) for advertising, data analysis, and store management.

In essence, a Google Account streamlines user access and management across multiple Google products and services. It provides a critical foundation for e-commerce and advertising activities.

Note: Visit the "Google Account" guide to learn more about Google Account,  including account creation and asset authorization.



Introduction to GMC and Creation Guide

Google Merchant Center (GMC) is a platform designed to help merchants showcase and promote their products. By uploading product information to your GMC account, you can have your products displayed on Google Search, Shopping results, and Google Ads, reaching a wider audience and boosting sales opportunities. 

GMC enables you to provide detailed product data, including titles, descriptions, prices, and inventory levels. Additionally, it supports bulk data feed uploads, allowing you to efficiently import product information from SHOPLINE to GMC and ensure data accuracy.

To advertise shopping ads on Google Ads, it is necessary to sync store products with Google Merchant Center (GMC).




Introduction to MCCs and Creation Guide

A Google Ads Manager Account (MCC) is a powerful tool for managing multiple Google Ads accounts or series of smart ads campaign accounts. You can link various accounts to your MCC for centralized management and performance monitoring. 

MCC accounts are particularly beneficial for third-party advertising agencies, marketing professionals, and large advertisers who manage numerous individual accounts.


Here's a step-by-step guide for creating an MCC account:

  1. Click to open the MCC creation page.

  2. Click Start now.

  3. Follow the step-by-step instructions to fill in the basic information and submit your application.

  4. Account created successfully.


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