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Login and Registration Settings

Providing customers with options to sign in or sign up offers several benefits. It enhances user experience by allowing them to choose a method that they prefer or find convenient, such as email, social media, or phone number. This flexibility can lead to increased sign-up rates and reduced friction in the sign-in process.  


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Selecting Customer Account Type


From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Settings > Customer account.

At Customer account type, you can select the customer account version to use.

  • Classic customer account: Customers log in with email/mobile phone number and password. For new customers, they need to create an account or accept an account invitation from a regular customer.
  • New customer account: Customers use email and a one-time verification code for login, and they don't need to create an account or password.



New Customer Account

Customers with new customer accounts can only log in using email and a one-time verification code.

For more information, please refer to New customer accounts.



Classic Customer Account

Click Edit in this section to start setups.


Sign up/sign in method

At Sign up/sign in method, you can set the sign up/sign in methods in the store, and the information that customers need to fill in when registering.

Customers can sign up/sign in through email or mobile phone number, and you need to select at least one method.

  • When both sign up/sign in methods are selected, you can remove either one of them.
  • When you have selected only one sign up/sign in method, you cannot uncheck this method.
  • If you allow customers to sign up/sign in with a mobile phone number, please open the Message app and ensure sufficient SMS balance, unless customers are unable to receive the SMS verification code.
  • Once you have set up email/phone number sign up/sign in, it is not recommended to uncheck it to avoid preventing some existing customers from logging in.
  • If you need users to display privacy policies and terms of service during registration, please first go to Settings > Rules to set the corresponding policy terms content. Otherwise, the policies will not be displayed during user registration.


Activation Method

With this feature enabled, unregistered customers can activate accounts on the login page.

Unregistered customers may include relocated imported customers and customers imported in Admin.

Note: This activation method does not involve activating emails or rewards.


Other Customer's Registration Profiles

If you want to collect more customer information, you can set it up in the Other customer's registration profiles section. Once set up, customers need to fill in the required information to complete their registration.

You can choose from the following types of customer registration profiles: 

  • Last name
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Birthday


If you enable this function, the system sends a verification email/SMS when customers register, and the verification is required to complete the registration. If you don't enable this function, customers can have access without verification when registering.

Security Verification

This feature enables security verification for customer sign up/sign in, and image verification should be completed for accounts at risk before sign up/sign in.



Sign in Through Third-Party Accounts


Customers can also sign in to your store via a third party, you can set up specific third-party login settings by following the procedure below.



Customer Account Closure


To enable customers to close accounts, you can select Enable customer to close account.

  • Once you have enabled this function, customers can close their accounts by clicking on Close account on their end.
  • After customers have closed their accounts, there is a 10-day period during which they can revoke their account cancellation.
  • After the customer has submitted a closure request, you can view the submission time and the time of customer deletion in the customer’s profile page.
  • Once the customer's account has been canceled, you receive an email notification informing you that a customer's account has been canceled. 



Login with Multipass

To enable customers from other websites you manage to log in to SHOPLINE stores with the same account, you can click Enable to use the Multipass feature. Please refer to Learn about Multipass.



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