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Using Assets from File Library


If your assets have been uploaded to the file library, you can make use of these assets when designing the store theme, editing the product images, or conducting other operations that require the use of any asset in the file library. In this article, we’ll present to you two methods to use the assets.


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Inserting Assets by Links

After the assets are uploaded to the file library, the system automatically generates a link for each asset, so that you can use the link to insert the asset.

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, click Settings > File Library.
  2. Find or search for the desired asset in the search bar, which supports two dimensions:
  • File name (the complete file name or a keyword contained in the case-insensitive file name)
  • File format (currently 16 formats, case-insensitive)
Note: Each time you search, a search label is automatically generated below the search bar. Click the x icon to the right of the label to quickly cancel the search.


  1. Click the copy icon on the right of the asset row, and the link to the asset is automatically copied, with Copied successfully displayed above.
  2. Paste the asset link to the placement you need.



Selecting Assets from File Library

In modules such as product details pages or online store design, you can select and use assets from the file library. Below, we’ll take the product details page as an example for demonstration.

  1. When editing the product image on the product details page, click Add multimedia files.
  2. From the Select from file library pop-up window, select one or more assets, and click Complete. Currently, only images are supported.
Note: The text displayed below the assets is the ALT (alternative text) attribute of the asset that you configured in advance. If the ALT attribute is not set for the asset, the asset title is displayed instead. For details about how to configure the ALT attribute, refer to Add ALT Attribute in Image Library.
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